Marcus Baugh Arrested

To say Marcus Baugh made a mistake is an easy thing to do — he is 19 years old, had a fake ID, went to a bar and had some adult beverages. He was arrested late last night and gets to spend the rest of the weekend behind bars while he waits to see a judge. You see, that’s the best part of his weekend because as soon as he gets out of the pokey on Monday morning he will have to go and see Coach Meyer and Coach Marotti. Look for him to do a whole lot of extra running and maybe miss a game or two as punishment.

The news of his arrest was broke today by Alex Gleitman of 247sports/Bucknuts.

Unfortunately the meat of his story is behind a pay wall. If you want to read the post I suggest following the link in his tweet and signing up if you like.

Kyle Rowland of Eleven Warriors confirmed the arrest via his own twitter account.


  1. UGH not what I wanted to read right before turning in for the night.

    He’s a kid, but this will be blown out of proportion by the time I get in to work tomorrow. Hope the Urban haters got some sleep last night!

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