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I had the pleasure of interviewing safety Shawn Boone for Dwyer High School in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. His recruitment with Ohio state has not been long but it is picking up steam and fast. Shawn has all the tools to be the next great safety due to his play making ability and hard-hitting. Shawn is 5″10 and weights 185 lbs. This is the same school that produced NFL top 15 pick Saftey Matt Elam who’s similarities show while watching Shawn. Shawn is one of those safeties that make wide receivers fear going deep across the middle due to the fact they know Shawn is their waiting to hit you and hit you hard.shawn_boone

Q: When did Ohio State offer you a scholarship, and how did it feel?

A: they offered the week after my spring game. It felt amazing to have an offer from Coach Meyer he is one of the best coaches so it meant a lot.

Q: Who is your primary recruiter and how often do you speak?

A: Zach Smith the wide receivers coach and we speak a lot, I am also just beginning to talk to Coach Withers and build a relationship with him. He told me he really wants to get to know me better since he would be my coach at OSU.

Q: What about Ohio State makes you strongly consider them?

A: They have a lot going for them first off they went 12-0, the facilities are awesome and the players are great. Family atmosphere was really important to me as well.

Q: What was your favorite part about your visit to Ohio State when you camped there?

A: Just getting to hang around and meet with the players as well as getting a tour of all the facilities they have. I also got to speak with Coach Meyer who did not really know who I was before the camp.

Q: What is your personal and team goals for your senior season?

A: For my team goal I want to win the state championship, I know that Dwyer will get it done this year. Personally I want to lead the team in tackles, make big hits, and add 7 interceptions to my stat sheet.

Q: What do you feel you need to improve on the most your senior season?

A: Everything, coverage skills especially they are good right now but I want them to be great.

Q: What do you personally feel is your biggest strength on the field?

A: My playmaking ability and I’m known as a big hitter.

Q: Which schools are recruiting you the hardest?

A: Ohio State, NC State, Florida State, Tennessee, West Virginia Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Arkansas.

Q: Do you plan on taking a visit to Ohio State?

A: yes my goal is to make it up for the Wisconsin game.

Q: Do you have a timetable on when you would like to make a commitment?

A: At the end of my season but anything is possible, I’m just letting thing play out right now and getting a feel for each school and which coaches want me the most.

Q: What is your impression of Coach Meyer after speaking with him?

A: I was real happy since he is usually known as an offensive coach, but he watched me and let me know that he was blown away with my abilities and how important of a recruit I am for them.

Q: Name some of your other interests besides football?

A: I love to play the drums and also playing game systems.

Shawn loved everything about his visiting Ohio State and sounds like he really connected with some of the players, which bodes well for us. This kid is one to keep an eye on especially if he makes the visit during the Wisconsin game as planned. You can follow him on twitter @RudeFoLife. You can also check out Shawn’s highlights here!


  1. This kid is a big time hitter yikes…. gotta love a safety who loves punishing contact.

  2. He deffintley does not shy away from contact !

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