MotSaG’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

OSU LogoWith just a week before the holidays, we thought we’d throw out a helping hand with all you Buckeye fans picking some gifts for all the Buckeye fans in your life. This time of year is stressful and the last thing you want is to be stumped for what you should get for the Buckeye fan that has everything. (You could probably start by grabbing that guy a couple rolls of Ohio State Duct Tape.) With that said, here are a few ideas we had perusing the vast assortment of Ohio State themed items at (and seriously, if you’re not shopping entirely online at this point, what gives?!)

First up is a little advice to all you guys out there. If your significant other happens to be of the female persuasion, short of diamonds and pearls, there’s nothing better than a outfitting your fine lady in one of the many women’s clothing options at your disposal. This may seem like a gift that very little thought was put into, but just remind her you’ve gone ahead and made her decision of “what to wear?” for next fall’s Saturdays all in one gift!

We know that we have a beautiful, intelligent female readership, so if your gifts are going to that man in your life, you can never go wrong with one of these. (Just kidding, Mrs. Kaiser!).

Actually, us guys are pretty simple. Get us a grill cover, a meat brand and a pile of steaks and we’re golden. No reason to overthink this too much.

There are plenty of books about the history of Ohio State Football out there, but I’ve been meaning to read 1968; The Year that Saved Ohio State Football for a long time.

Memorabilia is another way you pretty much can’t go wrong, and this Eddie George Autographed Jersey would look AMAZING framed and hung in any Buckeye Fans mancave.

What about the Xbox 360 gamer in your life? This Ohio State themed Xbox 360 Vinyl is top notch:

Instead of going for a new console, these vinyls are designed to fit over your existing Xbox 360 console and pretty much announce to everyone in the living room that the gamer here in this household is also a Buckeye. For life. (or at least until the Xbox 720 comes out)

For your friend who’s stuck working with some Michigan grads, this framed “Teamwork” poster is a double whammy: A) People come by the office and see it’s one of the Motivational Posters proclaiming the virtues of teamwork. Brownie points from the boss and everyone else thinks your clever. But, upon further examination, the observer sees B) whoa that’s a big old pile up of Ohio State dudes smothering that little winged Michigan helmet. Double Brownie points!

Finally, if you subject your poor four-legged best friend to the humiliation of wearing human-like clothing, you could do worse than this. But please, think of that poor dog’s feelings. Hook him (or her) up with something a little more useful, like an OSU football dog toy or go the distinguished route and do even better with one of these Ohio State Buckeyes Stainless Steel Pet Bowls.

That’s a good boy!

We could go on, but let’s just finish up with a handful of the more quirky things you can find on Amazon including a Block O ice tray, a Block O toaster and the nightmare fuel that is that Brutus the Buckeye Bundt Pan.

And finally, I’m not trying to drop any hints or anything (Mrs. Kaiser I hope you’re still reading this) but I know someone really well who would love to find one of these under his tree this time next week: Vernon Gholston Signed Ohio State Buckeyes 8×10 Photo

(Note: All these links have our affiliate code embedded in them. If you purchase something through our link, we get a little commission and you support our site with no extra cost to you. It’s greatly appreciated.)


  1. Personally the Duct Tape is what I want the most….. Heating ducts across the nation deserve to be wrapped in such elegance.


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