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OSU LogoOSU FootballWell it’s been once again too long since the last In Case You Missed It, which means this is going to be a long dump of links I’ve accumulated since the last time I posted this. This list is long on the links, short on my comments. Bear with me as I work my way through these. These are disjointed and somewhat scattered.

So (deep breath) here we go:

Urban Meyer will be a guest analyst for BCS Championship Game pre-game show (according to Marcus Hartman and others on Twitter)

Doug Lesmerise’s “Urban Meyer’s top 6 moments of 2012“.

Speaking of Urban Meyer’s 2012 season, you can pick up the Ohio State Game Time 2012 Season in Review on DVD. With Urban Meyer (actor)! And Ohio State Football Players (actor)!

Mike Adams was the Pittsburgh Steelers’ (vomit) team Rookie of the Year.

Donte Whitner is going to the Pro Bowl. No surpise. Alex Boone is a Pro Bowl alternate. Suprise! (Remember when Mr. Boone tried to punch out a tow truck?)

Forbes lists College Football’s Most Powerful Head Coaches, Urban comes in at #3.

Ohio State’s new floor at the Schott (Sure beats some abominations we’ve seen in the past [Oregon]).

ESPN’s Big Ten Blog took at look at the salaries of assistant coaches in the Big Ten. One of the knocks on the bigwigs of the B1G is that they are tightwads compared to other conferences (read: SEC). This is probably exhibit A.

Presented without comment.

Braxton Miller opens as even odds with Johnny Manziel for the 2013 Heisman Trophy Winner (at least according to one sportsbook)

Thanks to everyone who shopped through our links from our Christmas Gift List post. It’s greatly appreciated!

And check out the Twittering Buckeyes page. I’ve made a complete overhaul of the list and added a bunch new Buckeyes.

And from the really old but I feel like I should still link them category:

Eddie George returning to Ohio State as assistant VP for business advancement is some Grade-A level cool news.

Brandon Castel from the Ozone sits down with the Grittiest Grit Floorburner, Chris Jent.

Chris Cicero, who tipped off then-OSU football coach Jim Tressel in 2010 of player misdeeds, was suspended from practicing law for a year by the Ohio Supreme Court for violating attorney-client privilege.

No big deal, just B.J. Mullens bringing the hammer down (remember him?):

Misc: I couldn’t find it on for our Gift List, but I want one of these jackets. I mean, like, I want that. Here is one of the reasons why football helmets now have facemasks. It’s crazier than you think. Ohio State researchers, doing work (that one’s for you, sportsMonkey).

Finally, just because:

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