MotSaG’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time again, the time when you guys (and yes, we know we have women readers, but they’d never get this far without taking care of their shopping) need some help with your holiday shopping. Let us be your personal shopping concierges and point you in some great Ohio State gift ideas.

We did this last year and had a lot of fun with it, so we’re back for another year. We won’t repeat many ideas from last year, you can read it here.

Surveying the landscape of Buckeye-themed products at once again proves that there is some pretty weird stuff out there. Seems like just about anyone will slap a Block O on something and sucker someone into buying it. Things run the gamut from this odd Marilyn Monroe in an “Ohio State Buckeyes Jersey” iPhone case to this even odder Joker Samsung Galaxy S3 case. Is that even legal to mix to trademarked properties like that? It doesn’t seem like it. Of course there are more practical (but still a little outlandish) gifts you can find like this Eight piece Ohio State Buckeyes Comforter Set for the ultimate Buckeye bedroom, but it just feels strange.

So this year I went with a couple themes that could be useful as you try to figure out how to get something for that special Buckeye in your life. The first theme is for the Office Jockey who wants to show off his Buckeye love in every aspect of his cubicle life. Everyone needs a beverage to sip as they slave of spreadsheets, so why not get this black stainless steel tumbler for their hot beverages? And if coffee isn’t their thing, there’s a similar tumbler with a straw for icing down that Diet Coke.

For the drive in to work, a Buckeye steering wheel cover (pictured at the left) will make driving whatever car you drive feel like a BMW. (If you already drive a BMW, it will be like a BMW-squared). Getting to work is one thing, but you also need something to keep all that important work you do safe, and you could do worse than going with one of these leather attache case or leather legal briefcase. Then, arriving at your desk, what better place to sit than your General Manager Task Chair as you consider your vast empire. You have it so good you’ve got this High Brillance Diamond Cut Crystal Paperweight with a Buckeye logo and think does it get any better than this? You Ohio State Wood Business Cardholder says no. No it does not get any better than being a Buckeye fan.

For the person on your list who loves to read and has a Kindle, load that puppy up with some new books. There’s the Dispatch’s Bill Rabinowitz’s Buckeye Rebirth: Urban Meyer, an Inspired Team, and a New Era at Ohio State (because who doesn’t love to read about undefeated seasons? If you want to watch that glorious season, there’s Ohio State Game Time 2012 Season in Review [with Urban Meyer] as well)). There’s also Maurice Clarett (whom I just decided will no longer be referred to as He Who Shall Not Be Named) and his book Maurice Clarett, Redemption, a collection of thoughts to a journey of redemption. And finally, why not send a little coin to our fellow blog brethren at 11W by grabbing the Kindle subscription of their site, Eleven Warriors.

For the snazzy dresser on your list, these cufflinks are amazing. And a tie bar really pulls the whole thing together.

Last year we featured the Block O branding iron to sear Block O in your steak. This year we’re going a little easy on the classy with the hot dog brander. Take your pick and brand your dog “BUCKEYES” or “OHIO STATE” you can’t go wrong either way. When the grilling is done, cover up that precious shrine to the char Gods with an OSU grill cover

Finally, a couple memorabilia items for their Buckeye Man Cave: Eddie George Autographed Red Ohio State Jersey or Archie Griffin Autographed White Ohio State Jersey HT 74/75 PSA/DNA You can go wrong either way. Oh, and if Willis McGahee is on your Christmas list, I’m sure he’ll totally appreciate under this his Christmas tree.

Finally, if you were thinking of picking up something for one of your favorite blogger, I bet he’d love one of these. (Just saying)

(Note: All these links have our affiliate code embedded in them. If you purchase something through our link, we get a little commission and you support our site with no extra cost to you. It’s greatly appreciated.)

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