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Turn to the Dark Side, Buckeyes (Or: My Attempt to Draw a Little Fire From the Peanut Gallery Away From a Colleague)

All this hubbub regarding the Buckeyes has made me wonder lately if Oscar Wilde was correct when he said “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most of us would much prefer that OSU wasn’t being talked about so much right now, but what’re you gonna do? We know Tressel screwed up. We suspect something shady with this car business – although a used car dealership’s alleged shadiness has got to be one of the least surprising things to come out of all this garbage lately.

Personally (and I guess that’s a good caveat for OSU writers to add to every one of their posts, lest fans of other schools get offended and decide to use one person’s words to castigate an entire fanbase) I hope the truth comes out and if the consequences for that are harsh, so be it. Bad news does not get better with time. Treat it like a band-aid and just RIP IT OFF ALREADY!

That having been said, a lot of schools have been having a lot of fun at our expense over the last few months. Justified fun, to an extent, but fun nonetheless. Come on, it’s not like we didn’t join in with the world outside of USC (and ESPN) giggling a bit when they finally got hammered for the Reggie Bush-O.J. Mayo deal. It comes with the territory when you’re dominant. I was actually somewhat pleased – Tom Brady’s involvement notwithstanding – in 2002 when the Patriots beat the Rams in the Super Bowl – they’d been a pathetic franchise my entire life. Now of course, I hate them and so do most people outside of Massachusetts. Why? Because they’re dominant. Also, THEY CHEATED!!!

Which brings me finally to the point. Remember what the Patriots did the season that Spygate came out? Here are three things that are most relevant to this discussion:

  1. They got punished, not harshly enough in the eyes of many.
  2. They lost the Super Bowl.
  3. On the way to the Super Bowl they pretty much annihilated everything in their path.

The last part is particularly vivid in my memory. They didn’t just beat their opponents. Once an opponent was beaten, they beat them a little more. It was like watching myself playing Tecmo Super Bowl with the Raiders against, well, the Patriots, only it happened almost every game!

And I hated them for it.

Here’s the thing: I would have hated those Patriots anyway. I was convinced they were a bunch of cheaters, they only won those three Super Bowls by spying on the other sidelines, Bill Belichick was the son of Lucifer, you name it. But I bet Patriot fans freaking LOVED IT. Remember the first half of the 1996, 1997, and 1998 seasons when OSU was beating teams 72-0? Good times, right?Mercy is for the weak

Speaking only from my perspective as an Ohio State football fan, I would enjoy a season in which Tressel grew a goatee, dyed his hair black, started wearing sweater vests with no undershirt in order to show off some (questionably acquired) prison tats, and started throwing deep in the third quarter when up by 50. A man stands before you – he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy. Sweep the leg. I want them out of commission.

Screw it – things will stay this way no matter what happens. Tressel could resign tomorrow, the athletic department could voluntarily dissolve itself and all OSU sports teams for five years and people will still hate us. We may as well have a little fun with it while we can.

In Case You Missed It

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start this one with the good, the bad, or the ugly. But it’s been a rough couple of months for Buckeyes fans. So let’s go with this. The GOOD:

WE’RE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Ohio State’s Mens Volleyball team won the 2011 NCS (Net Championship Series) Championship with wins over the Nittany Lions (in their own backyard, LOL) and those dirty hippies from the West Coast.

In what is becoming an increasingly common experience, I watched the final sets against UCSB with my kids and nothing is better than seeing them jump around with excitement when the Buckeyes score. This started manifesting itself strongly during the Mens Basketball and I can’t wait for it to continue this fall.

The BAD:
So long, farewell: Dorian Bell, we barely knew thee. What with his problems with staying out of trouble and what I imagine to be crushing expectations, maybe a change of scenery will do him good. Plus, being closer to home is usually a good thing. Since there’s a pretty good chance we’ll never cross our paths with Pitt, we can wish Bell good luck.

And now there are rumors that Kenny Guiton may also be transferring. Again, these are just rumors. But I don’t think it would surprise anyone if he decided to take his talents elsewhere. And if that was the case, we’ll wish him well wherever he may go.

And The UGLY:
Used Cars. And then there’s the Car Scandal. (I will now refuse to refer to any scandal by -Gate. Someone must take a stand.) At first, I thought things were really starting to look bad. Almost Fab Five-level bad. So I really don’t want to think about it. For now, I am putting myself in a holding pattern. We won’t know anything substantial until August. We can speculate and we can hem-and-haw and we can fret. We OSU fans are going to be piled on by fans everywhere (and they’re all hypocrites, don’t let them tell you otherwise). We’re thick skinned and we can take it.

Instead of going on and on, I’ll just direct you to Ramzy’s post over at 11W:

Two former NCAA enforcement officers anonymously told the Dispatch that there was cause for concern. There are exactly two causes for concern in the article as far as I’m concerned: One, obviously Gibson’s $0 car. Two, the fact that four of the Tatgate players also bought cars: That they were willing to part with trinkets at the tattoo parlor is precedent enough to be suspicious at the dealership or anywhere else. It’s circumstantial at best, but unfortunately Ohio State has earned the burden of circumstantial evidence being fishy enough to stink.

A note from Management

Earlier today MotSaG contributor Jeremiah posted some of this thoughts on the topic of Morals vs. Wins. In that post he stated his opinion rather frankly and that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. I want to state that his views, while they are valid (they are opinions, people), are not the views of this site. Jeremiah acknowledges that he is speaking for himself and not for MotSaG as a whole.

When I started MotSaG and invited people to contribute, I always wanted their contributions to stand on their own and I didn’t want to stop anyone from posting how they feel about the Buckeyes. But this post stepped over those bounds and I feel that it doesn’t reflect properly what MotSaG is and stands for.

I read this post after Jeremiah posted it and I didn’t think the reception would be so vitriolic. Jeremiah has told me he wishes he could have expressed himself more eloquently. He likes to pose questions that cause people to stop and think but sometimes those questions come out awkwardly. I know him personally and know where he’s coming from but you readers don’t know him the way I do. You can only infer what his point of view is through what he wrote. He wanted to pose a question about the dilemma college football fans are faced with but went about it in an abrasive way. It’s just how he is.

Jeremiah stands behind his statements. We debated taking the post down but decided it should be kept up for posterity. Comments have been closed but the post will live on. We may revisit this topic in the future with a more nuanced post. But for now we are going to move with our lives. Life is too short to get worked up.

Morals vs. Wins

With all the trouble and issues surrounding our beloved the Ohio State University lately, I have been thinking a lot about which is better. I must add this caveat: I firmly believe from the bottom of my broken sports heart that bending the rules or breaking the rules happens at every institution where sports is played from pee wee football to the NFL. In college sports only two schools have never had a major violation against their athletic program. Penn State is one and (I think) Standford is the other. Let’s be honest though: over the last 10 years no school has had more player arrests then PSU in the Big Ten. And if you have ever been to State College, PA you know there is little for those players to do to get caught in and if they are getting cars or cash there is no real media out there to dig deep to find it for the NCAA to investigate. This is neither here nor there really. I am not here to accuse other teams of anything. I am not even here to defend OSU for what they are accused of.

I am curious as to what you, the reader, believes. Would you rather win games no matter what the cost? Would you rather be a mediocre team that plays by the rules as often as possible aka BYU?

The one thing in common for all the winning programs in college football from the beginning of time is the constant of being accused of or proven to be cheaters. You don’t need to look much farther back then the last 5 years to see this to be true. Oregon is under investigation. LSU is under investigation. Auburn is under investigation. Alabama has been under investigation. Florida is lucky the NCAA doesn’t care about players being arrested. Add to that the Miami’s and UNC’s and USC’s and every other winning program and it is clear all of these schools could care less about morals and only care about wins. It is safe to assume the fans of these schools feel the same way or they wouldn’t feed the schools billions of dollars in revenue each year. No matter how much media outlets scream about how they hate the way schools are behaving they still pay them a premium to be able to show their games and criticize them.

So to sum it up I would like to hear from you the fans. Do morals in sports matter to you? Are you less of a fan now knowing what you know about all that is going on at OSU? Would you be willing to give up being a top 10 school annually to a team with a good year every now and then but mostly you are a middle of the pack school with great morals and plays by the rules?

I have said before, I don’t care about morals on my teams and I expect them to bend and break every rule they can to get more wins. I want them to cheat just a little more then the others so they have a better shot at winning NCs. I know this is not something many of you will agree with publicly but in private it is a different story as evidenced by supporting teams that are known to break rules. I will give you all a chance to respond now.

In Case You Missed It

You most likely didn’t miss it, but just in case…

2011 NFL Draft Recap: A lot of people were saying how amazing it was that Tressel won 11 games with just one first rounder. While I think that’s a little short sighted (there will probably be 2 or 3 first rounders next season) but it does make you think. Tressel doesn’t get enough respect. (And that sentence would have been A LOT easier to type (and defend) just 3 months ago.)

It’s always bitter sweet to see a beloved Buckeye go to the Hated Pittsburgh Steelers, but it was great to see Cameron Heyward get the call in the first round, even if it was to the Steelers. It will be nice to see him get to work with former Buckeye Dick LeBeau. The next to go was Chimdi Chekwa to Oakland in the fourth round. Jermale Hines to Rams. Ross Homan to the Vikings in the sixth round is going to work out well for Minnesota and Brian Rolle is headed to the city of Brotherly Love (and Morimoto) that same round.

We’ll add our incredulous voice that Dane Sanzenbacher went undrafted and we’re beginning a letter writing campaign to the Cleveland Browns HQ up in Berea to sign his as an undrafted free agent post-haste.

OH! Almost forgot: Lawrence Wilson went in the second round of the UFL draft to Las Vegas.

Dorian Bell: When it rains, it pours. I don’t even know what else to say.

Speaking of suspended linebackers: Oregon is having their issues, too. Alonso should be fine, though. I’ve heard SEC schools have a thing for Oregon criminals.

BEE ONE GEE! BEE ONE GEE! The Big Ten is the premier player development conference going to the NFL.

Oh and Herbie leaves Twitter — he did know he could block people, right? Someone showed him that feature?