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I wasn’t sure if I wanted to start this one with the good, the bad, or the ugly. But it’s been a rough couple of months for Buckeyes fans. So let’s go with this. The GOOD:

WE’RE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Ohio State’s Mens Volleyball team won the 2011 NCS (Net Championship Series) Championship with wins over the Nittany Lions (in their own backyard, LOL) and those dirty hippies from the West Coast.

In what is becoming an increasingly common experience, I watched the final sets against UCSB with my kids and nothing is better than seeing them jump around with excitement when the Buckeyes score. This started manifesting itself strongly during the Mens Basketball and I can’t wait for it to continue this fall.

The BAD:
So long, farewell: Dorian Bell, we barely knew thee. What with his problems with staying out of trouble and what I imagine to be crushing expectations, maybe a change of scenery will do him good. Plus, being closer to home is usually a good thing. Since there’s a pretty good chance we’ll never cross our paths with Pitt, we can wish Bell good luck.

And now there are rumors that Kenny Guiton may also be transferring. Again, these are just rumors. But I don’t think it would surprise anyone if he decided to take his talents elsewhere. And if that was the case, we’ll wish him well wherever he may go.

And The UGLY:
Used Cars. And then there’s the Car Scandal. (I will now refuse to refer to any scandal by -Gate. Someone must take a stand.) At first, I thought things were really starting to look bad. Almost Fab Five-level bad. So I really don’t want to think about it. For now, I am putting myself in a holding pattern. We won’t know anything substantial until August. We can speculate and we can hem-and-haw and we can fret. We OSU fans are going to be piled on by fans everywhere (and they’re all hypocrites, don’t let them tell you otherwise). We’re thick skinned and we can take it.

Instead of going on and on, I’ll just direct you to Ramzy’s post over at 11W:

Two former NCAA enforcement officers anonymously told the Dispatch that there was cause for concern. There are exactly two causes for concern in the article as far as I’m concerned: One, obviously Gibson’s $0 car. Two, the fact that four of the Tatgate players also bought cars: That they were willing to part with trinkets at the tattoo parlor is precedent enough to be suspicious at the dealership or anywhere else. It’s circumstantial at best, but unfortunately Ohio State has earned the burden of circumstantial evidence being fishy enough to stink.

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