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Chris Carter is officially a Buckeye

Chris Carter the OL recruit who ran into some legal issues on Signing Day has finally signed his LOI. As is being reported in the Columbus Dispatch Carter signed his letter this evening as is being welcomed with open arms by The Ohio State University.

“We are excited Chris will be a Buckeye,” Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said. “He has had a great support system at home, as well as at his high school with the likes of his principal Maryum Sims, his athletic director Velma Pettiegrew, and his coach Scott Wodtly. They truly believe that Chris will have great success on and off the field at Ohio State.”

I for one will refrain from giving my opinion on this young man as no matter what you say you will upset some group of Buckeye fans. I will say I fully trust Coach Tressel to make the best decision for OSU and the player. I wish him well and hope he becomes a great Buckeye lineman and an even better citizen of the Columbus community.

In Case You Missed It

Man, you’d think I could keep up with this blogging thing but these news stories never stop! Don’t these people know it’s the off season?

Anyway, here are the old stories from the past couple of weeks. I’d like to do these posts more than once a week. I’ll do better in the future.

Poor Art Schlichter and even more so for the old lady he swindled. I don’t have a ton to add to this story but it kind of bums me out to see someone continually fall from grace after having so many chances to right the ship. I can only fathom the grips that this gambling addiction has on this guy.

It’s probably not politically correct to admit this, but the first thing I thought after I heard the news of Buckeye recruit Chris Carter‘s trouble was, “you have to give the kid credit. He is creative!” Then I lamented the fact that we may not see the mammoth of a man play football for Ohio State. Luckily for him (and sort of for us) it looks like he won’t be charged.

Look, we love A.J. Hawk and his Cro-Magnon chin more than most people. We also FIRMLY believe that all babies are cute, even newborns.


But we are willing to make an exception. That baby has to be the ugliest baby of all time, right? Like a baby cavebaby? Just consider the source.

At least he’s got a Super Bowl ring.

Can you actually take your talents to South Beach if your talents include pouting?

It’s never too early to start thinking about all the new faces joining the Buckeyes this fall, especially Roderick Smith, who Bruce Feldman ranks the #1 redshirt freshman ($$$) of 2011. (ESPN Insider required)

This is not Buckeye-related, but it is human being related and we must share: Eric LeGrand Makes First Public Appearance At Believe Fund Event

Finally, I’ve made a huge update to the Twittering Buckeyes page to include a bunch incoming Buckeyes from the 2011 class. Stalk them even after signing day!

OSU Men’s Basketball Weekly Wrap-up

Another week of Buckeye Basketball and another week I’m racing to get it out before the next game and the next “week” starts. I don’t want to fall behind again.

This week was kind of a downer, what with the Buckeyes losing to Wisconsin Saturday afternoon.

(1) Ohio St 67 v. (14) Wisconsin 71

Wisconsin. Why did it have to be Wisconsin?

Badgers, very dangerous. You go first.

Seriously, why did it have to be Wisconsin? If, as some fans suggest, we needed to lose a game before the tournament, a loss to Michigan State would have been much easier to swallow. But since I firmly believe Bo Ryan is a SkyNet cyborg sent from the future to kill the joy derived from basketball by essentially implementing “Tresselball” on the hard court, it’s no surprise it had to happen this way.


Michigan St 61 v. (3) Ohio St 71

This game had all the makings of another trap game (see also: Northwestern) with the Buckeyes looking like they were mired in a funk and Diebler seem rather uninterested in getting himself open for a three while Sullinger continued getting mugged as BEE ONE GEE officials seemed to take perverse satisfaction in his obvious frustration.

So it’s been one of those weeks. A few stories of interest:

So after OSU fell out of favor with the pollsters, this past week has seen Kansas (the new #1) crap itself profusely against in-state rival K-State, Texas lose to a good defensive team in Nebraska and Pitt fall to St. John’s (who, admittedly, is a bit of a giant killer in MSG). They all faltered. So when Ohio State beats Purdue today, we’re all back at square one.

Speaking of Diebler, barring some act of God like losing power at Mackey Arena, Jon Diebler should take his rightful place atop the BEE ONE GEE three point leaders, topping Penn State’s Pete Lisicky record of 332. Let’s hope Dieb’s shows interest in shooting a three-pointer or four today.

To get your ready for today’s rematch against Purdue, the BBC has you covered with their preview and you can head over their during the game for the live-chat.

Hi. I’m the New Guy.

I thought I should take a couple of minutes between filling out tax forms and wandering the halls looking for a vending machine to formally introduce myself and give you some insight into what makes me tick.  Obviously, I’m a huge Buckeye fan and if you’re reading this you probably are too.  If so, all that remains to be said is “O-H!”

There’s a small chance that you’re just some mischievous troll who pokes around blogs dedicated to teams other than your own looking for opportunities to take cheap potshots at whatever miscellaneous pseudo-scandal is currently plaguing them.  If that’s the case, I’m glad you’re here too.  Even though I’ll never understand your motivations, I like to assume that there is some value in everyone’s existence.  For instance, it was recently discovered that cockroach brains produce antibiotics far more effective than current medicines.  I would gladly support cracking open your skull in the name of science.

Anyway, here a few OSU-related things about me that may come in handy in the future:

1. I am 100% sold on Tresselball. Yes, it can lead to frustrating white-knucklers on a near-weekly basis, but it’s hard to argue with results.  We win a lot of games this way, and the underlying principles are sound.  Despite its inherent conservatism, it’s still flexible enough to take advantage of the individual talents of players.  While there’s probably no way to prove this, I’d bet that most of the breakdowns under this philosophy are on the execution side rather than the scheme side.

2. I hate the BCS. And that’s an understatement.  After more than a decade with the oft-tweaked system in our lives, I think it’s safe to say that it has not been a significant improvement over the old way.  It has created more problems than it’s solved and turned what was once a day full of top-notch match-ups into a weeklong excuse to employ Mark May during which maybe two good games occur.  It’s essentially the same thing that happens when someone at Saturday Night Live says, “We should make this into a movie.

3. I think Sully should enter every game inside of a giant egg. Just saying.

4. I’m not sure I want Michigan to ever be good again. I know I’m supposed to want them undefeated when we play so that the win is more satisfying for us and the loss more heartbreaking for them, but have you ever actually tried to cheer for them against anyone else?  I just can’t do it; the hate is too strong.  There was a time when Michigan was always going to be at least good, and during that time I believed that was the best thing for the rivalry.  But now that I’ve seen what it’s like when they’re pretty terrible… I kind of like it.  With the new divisional format and Nebraska joining the fold, Michigan’s success may not be the requirement for national conference respect it once was.

Well, I better wrap this up and get back to orientation before I miss where they keep the highlighters.


MotSaG is growing

A quick programming note: The MotSaG staff is growing as we add another writer to the staff. Here at the site he’ll be known as “Cloud of Dust” but if you’ve been reading Men of the Scarlet and Gray for a while you’ve already read his work on the “Poll Dancing” series during football season.

I’ll let him introduce himself however he likes but we should be seeing content coming from the Cloud of Dust shortly. Join me in welcoming Jason into the fold.

OSU Men’s Basketball Weekly Wrap-up

We missed last week’s wrap-up, so were covering two week’s worth of exciting Ohio State basketball. 24-0 baby!

First, let’s take a break to consider how cool college athletes can be. Jared Sullinger is one of the most recognizable college basketball players and is currently living quite the charmed freshman life. It’s good to see he’s got a good sense of humor, too.

(12) Purdue 64 vs (1) Ohio St 87 – Coming off a close game against Illinois, the Buckeyes man-handled Purdue from start to finish. With a hoop looking like a hula-hoop, Ohio State hit 55% of their shots from the field, including 11-19 from behind the arc. At one point Ohio State was up by 31. This game cleared up any doubts of whether this was a #1 team or not.

(1) Ohio St 58 vs Northwestern 57 – Freaking trap games, how do they work?!

Michigan 53 vs. (1) Ohio St 62 – Michigan led Ohio State a one point by almost a touchdown. Rich Rodriguez and Brady Hoke are wondering what that felt like.

(1) Ohio St 82 vs. (20) Minnesota 69 – For a couple years now I’ve been meaning to put together a post about the Minnesota/Ohio State fight from back in the day. But after bullying the Gophers for forty minutes Sunday afternoon it just didn’t feel right.

Which brings us to this weekend, when the Buckeyes travel to Madison to take on the Wisconsin Badgers at the Kohl Center. 11W look at previous visits to Wisconsin with the ugly details. The BBC has a Wisconsin preview. What is it with Ohio State and struggles against Wisconsin, whether it be in football or basketball?

Call me an optimist but I sense a big win tomorrow.

Reloaded-Buckeye Recruiting

There are not very many teams that can, year after year, recruit and reload like the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Buckeyes will have another top 5 class. Let’s take a look at the Buckeye’s best offensive recruit and defensive recruit.

Braxton Miller-QB

Miller is regarded as one of the best quarterback prospects to EVER come out of Ohio. I’ve watched 3 or 4 of his games and I haven’t been this excited about a prospect since… Terrelle Pryor.

He is a different animal than Pryor. Braxton is not as big as Pryor at 6’2 200lbs, but he is every bit as fast as Pryor and has much more jitter-bug quickness when compared to Pryor. In other words he can make people miss… badly.

He also has an absolute cannon for an arm. He is also much further ahead of Pryor as far as throwing the ball when compared at the same stages in their careers. Both came from spread option offenses out of the shotgun, but Miller threw the more than Pryor. Pryor has become a pass first nightmare for defensive coordinators, Miller could rewrite every passing record OSU has when it is all said and done. That is how good he is.

There is one thing that could hurt his chances to be a long term success at Ohio State and that is injuries. Miller has had a history with getting hurt. Something that Tressel will have to protect him from by making sure he doesn’t run it too much.

To me, Miller is a cross between Troy Smith and Michael Vick with a lean towards Vick. Smith could run the ball well, but is no where near as fast as Miller. Oh, and one other thing — he is enrolling at OSU early which means we should be able to see him at the Spring game!

Curtis Grant-LB

The 6’3 220lb linebacker from Richmond, Virginia will be patrolling the middle of the field in the future for the Buckeyes. Next year it should be red-shirt junior MLBer Etienne Sabino in the middle for the Buckeyes with Grant learning the ropes until he is ready to go.

Grant leads an impressive LB haul for the 2011 class. A few months ago the Buckeye’s were close to not getting a single linebacker in this class. Instead they poached Ryan Shazier, the 5th ranked OLB in the class from Florida (a tip of the cap to Urban Meyer for stepping down). Ejuan Price, who will play OLB opposite Shazier. Price was ranked 14th in the country and nearly went to Pitt before making the right decision. Then came the #1 LB in the country in Curtis Grant. Grant is a great mix of speed and power. He will want to work on his tackling as at the next level, he won’t be able to get away with standing too tall while trying to bring down ball carriers.

Roderick Smith-RB

Okay fine, he’s not a recruit for 2011 but a red-shirt from 2010. I want people to get excited about this guy. Rumor has it that during bowl practices he nearly had his red-shirt pulled. With a stable of Herron, Saine, Hall and Berry why on earth would the Buckeye coaching staff think about that for 2 seconds? Apparently he was the best player on the field and couldn’t be stopped. He has been compared to Chris Wells and Eddie George. He is a big, tall running back that had nearly 7000 yards rushing in his high school career.

With Boom Herron to sit 5 games to begin the 2011 season, look for Rod Smith to see a lot of action. Smith could very well take away carries from Herron, who proved himself a dangerous full time back in 2010.

Ohio State had another great recruiting class in 2011. Top 5 in the nation. Quick run down of all the new recruits(HS position ranking/name):

#2 Braxton Miller
#24 Cardale Jones

#19 Evan Spencer
#29 Devin Smith

#14 Nick Vannett
#24 Jeff Heuerman

#83 Tommy Brown
#22 Antonio Underwood
#1 Brian Bobek

#8 Michael Bennet
#10 Chase Farris
#30 Joe Hale

#9 Steve Miller
#14 Ken Hayes

#1 Curtis Grant
#5 Ryan Shazier

#14 Ejuan Price
#24 Connor Crowell

#11 Ron Tanner
#30 Jeremy Cash

#5 Doran Grant
#22 Dejuan Gambrell

Long Snapper Bryce Haynes

Welcome aboard guys!


(via 30fps)