Hi. I’m the New Guy.

I thought I should take a couple of minutes between filling out tax forms and wandering the halls looking for a vending machine to formally introduce myself and give you some insight into what makes me tick.  Obviously, I’m a huge Buckeye fan and if you’re reading this you probably are too.  If so, all that remains to be said is “O-H!”

There’s a small chance that you’re just some mischievous troll who pokes around blogs dedicated to teams other than your own looking for opportunities to take cheap potshots at whatever miscellaneous pseudo-scandal is currently plaguing them.  If that’s the case, I’m glad you’re here too.  Even though I’ll never understand your motivations, I like to assume that there is some value in everyone’s existence.  For instance, it was recently discovered that cockroach brains produce antibiotics far more effective than current medicines.  I would gladly support cracking open your skull in the name of science.

Anyway, here a few OSU-related things about me that may come in handy in the future:

1. I am 100% sold on Tresselball. Yes, it can lead to frustrating white-knucklers on a near-weekly basis, but it’s hard to argue with results.  We win a lot of games this way, and the underlying principles are sound.  Despite its inherent conservatism, it’s still flexible enough to take advantage of the individual talents of players.  While there’s probably no way to prove this, I’d bet that most of the breakdowns under this philosophy are on the execution side rather than the scheme side.

2. I hate the BCS. And that’s an understatement.  After more than a decade with the oft-tweaked system in our lives, I think it’s safe to say that it has not been a significant improvement over the old way.  It has created more problems than it’s solved and turned what was once a day full of top-notch match-ups into a weeklong excuse to employ Mark May during which maybe two good games occur.  It’s essentially the same thing that happens when someone at Saturday Night Live says, “We should make this into a movie.

3. I think Sully should enter every game inside of a giant egg. Just saying.

4. I’m not sure I want Michigan to ever be good again. I know I’m supposed to want them undefeated when we play so that the win is more satisfying for us and the loss more heartbreaking for them, but have you ever actually tried to cheer for them against anyone else?  I just can’t do it; the hate is too strong.  There was a time when Michigan was always going to be at least good, and during that time I believed that was the best thing for the rivalry.  But now that I’ve seen what it’s like when they’re pretty terrible… I kind of like it.  With the new divisional format and Nebraska joining the fold, Michigan’s success may not be the requirement for national conference respect it once was.

Well, I better wrap this up and get back to orientation before I miss where they keep the highlighters.



  1. I-O!!!
    Welcome!! Have to say I agree with all your points. Can’t wait to read your posts!

  2. I like the cut of your jib…



  3. Man it is good to have another MOTSAGer who doesnt want scUM to ever be good again 🙂

    Welcome Aboard

  4. Good to have another fan of the Tresselball. We were taken to the brink of sanity with it during the Sugar Bowl and I never felt so alive before.

    As to Michigan, I know I’m in the minority of wanting a good Michigan team every year but it’s good to have diversity around these parts.

  5. Welcome, CoD. Looking forward to your articles.

  6. Cloud of Dust says

    @Kaiser – In my mind, I know that a good Michigan is better for us, but my heart does not allow me to cheer for them or even be happy with their success. With any other game in which I have no real interest, I can root for either team based on what is good for OSU (USC v. Notre Dame, for instance). I can cheer for any other Big Ten team under certain circumstances, but not Michigan. I can’t do it.

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