Where is the love?

LLLLoydSo it appears that maybe it’s Michigan week? Don’t we play them this year? As you may have noticed around these parts, we haven’t really mentioned it too much. It may be that everyone is busy. Maybe we’re saving it up. And maybe, just maybe, we’re struggling to get the hate up. Our fellow blogging brethren are letting the hatred flow: 11W (lots of it, actually), Our Honor Defend, The BBC, WWAHT.

But not me. I’m not, as the kids say, feeling it this year.

Look, we hate Michigan just as much as everyone else. We’ve never pulled punches, even having a LLLLoyd Carr death watch, calling out Mike “0-4” Hart on his words. This year we did away with our “Memories” posts of yesteryear even though they brought us so much joy.

I think it’s that I’m getting used to beating Michigan. The sportsMonkey and I have had the discussion about when “enough is enough” as in “at what point does the pain from the 2-10-1 John Cooper era end?” Tressel is 7-1, winning FIVE straight. That means this is the third class of seniors that could potentially never beat Ohio State. Isn’t that enough? (Monkey says “No”, I say “Yes”.) Monkey is still waiting for an OSU RB to go Buckamania on Michigan to the tune of 300 yards.

But this year, it just isn’t really happening for me and up until today I didn’t know why. After a discussion at lunch, it all became clear. I don’t feel hate because you can’t hate something you pity. I right now, I think I pity Michigan. I pity Rich Rodriguez. I pity their fans. I pity their players. They have suffered. They will continue to suffer. And that’s just sad.

So I finish up this mini pondering with a little poll that I know has been floated to every Buckeye Fan worth their salt. Given the fact that this game has no bearing on the season (record-wise), if you could only pick one victory in the next to games, which one would it be: Beat Michigan or Win the Rose Bowl?

[poll id=”2″]

I’m going with the Rose Bowl.


  1. Honestly, I could live with a 1-11 season, so long as that one win was against UofM. But I’m also a bitter, small, petty person filled with rage and hatred from being picked on all through school during the John Cooper era while growing up in Toledo. I shall continue to wallow in schadenfreude.

  2. @NMU – Man, with that kind of past, you are more than welcome to hate on, hate-ah.

    I used to be a 1-11, beat Michigan and everything else is okay guy. Now, I’m not so sure.

  3. I’m sure that as I continue to add on the years I’ll mellow out a bit more. Life’s too short to cling to such an immature attitude. But still, another year or two, I wallow!

  4. el Kaiser, I’d tend to agree with sportsmonkey on this.

    Although I have a longstanding respect for the Michigan program, going back to Woody-Bo days, we can never beat Michigan often enough nor badly enough to quench my bloodlust.

    I’ve always wanted the Wolverines to do well, except when they played the Buckeyes, but the last couple years are different. No carnage would be too great to inflict on the current UM regime.I want for Evil Tressel to step up and deliver an epic ass-kicking tomorrow.

  5. So the choice here is really between an off season where the national sports writers…

    a) Talk about how RichRod has turned things around, got the monkey off Michigan’s back, will probably never lose another game to Ohio State with his magical offensive brilliance, how Tressel is a fool and a dinosaur for playing 1950’s ball in the age of spreaderation and how the entire club is full of choke losing to a Michigan team with significantly less talent, on paper, all the while completely discounting Ohio State’s Rose Bowl victory since it came against a “second tier” PAC-10 team and not USC.

    b) Continue to talk about Ohio State being, probably the worst team ever, in any sport, for yet again losing the “big one” while RichRod defends himself against a fan base in revolt and wolvie fans continue to languish during a period of unprecedented Buckeye dominance.

    I’ll take option B with a large Coke please.

  6. @Dinger – interesting perspective. You don’t think the national media would recognize Oregon as a good team? I would hope they would, but you’re probably right that Oregon would not get the respect they deserve.

    But I still want to beat them.

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