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Those who stay…?

I got nothing.


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FWIW, I’m not jumping into the cacophonous euphoria over this. The knee-jerk reaction is almost always wrong. I know there’s a certain amount of schadenfreude as a Buckeye fan seeing the holier-than-thou Michigan fans having their sacred institution tainted. After years of them hauling out HWSNBN time after time to tear down the Buckeyes, it feels good to watch as “OMG UM is in teh trouble!!#!!!!!” If that makes you feel good, I’m not going to take that away from you.

But mark my words: this is going to amount to not a whole lot. Just let whatever happen, happen. Let’s get to some football on the field!

The final say on the Moeller situation

OSU FootballAs a follow up to sportsMonkey’s post on the Tyler Moeller situation, Bucknuts has the following statement from his parents.

What a crazy start to this football season. Let’s hope it’s smooth sailing from now on. We here at MotSaG join the chorus of well-wishers, hoping the best for Tyler and for his continued health and wellness.

Taylor Mays, classy dude

FootballPreviously, current and former USC Trojans have talked a little smack directed at our beloved Buckeyes (here (LOL LenDale), here, and here [coming from someone who won’t be sniffing the field September 12th]) and have come off rather… feminine-hygiene-producty (I hate using the d-word). In short, it lacks the quality good smack-talk has: a little respect to your foe.

Taylor Mays does it right (h/t BlockONation):

The season cannot start soon enough.

Tyler Moeller enjoys Florida hospitality

OSU FootballOSU linebacker Tyler Moeller’s injury was due to a suckerpunch given to him by a Florida man, Rivals Radio reported this morning.

Details are still being revealed, but according to the report, Moeller was on vacation with his parents in Florida when another man overheard the linebacker identify himself as an Ohio State football player. The man allegedly approached Moeller and struck him in the head without warning.

Moeller apparently shook off the effects and resumed his vacation, but over the ensuing days became increasingly ill. According to Rivals Radio, upon returning to Columbus he began having seizures and was admitted to OSU Medical Center, where he underwent surgery to relieve brain swelling.

More details (and, hopefully, clarifications) to follow…

Such a shame

OSU FootballFootballQuickly: This (via 11W, where they have a great write-up of Buckeyes in the NFL). Hopefully all this talk was not super premature and this injury will be nothing. But it seems like we’ve been done this road before.

And then: This (which may be innacurate, but who knows?). Two huge, unrealized potentials. Again, it seems like we’ve been down this road before. More than once, actually.