The final say on the Moeller situation

OSU FootballAs a follow up to sportsMonkey’s post on the Tyler Moeller situation, Bucknuts has the following statement from his parents.

What a crazy start to this football season. Let’s hope it’s smooth sailing from now on. We here at MotSaG join the chorus of well-wishers, hoping the best for Tyler and for his continued health and wellness.


  1. Grey Decker (the dude responsible for the Moeller attack) pleaded not guilty on felony charges recently.

    This guy is gonna get what is coming to him for sure.

    PS. Why on Earth are we not talking up some football?

  2. That sorta sounds like a threat….an awesome threat.

    Bring it on!

    Screw this Grey Decker dude…lets talk about Navy’s triple option vs one of the best defenses in college football.

  3. The latest on the UofM controversy

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