Those who stay…?

I got nothing.


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FWIW, I’m not jumping into the cacophonous euphoria over this. The knee-jerk reaction is almost always wrong. I know there’s a certain amount of schadenfreude as a Buckeye fan seeing the holier-than-thou Michigan fans having their sacred institution tainted. After years of them hauling out HWSNBN time after time to tear down the Buckeyes, it feels good to watch as “OMG UM is in teh trouble!!#!!!!!” If that makes you feel good, I’m not going to take that away from you.

But mark my words: this is going to amount to not a whole lot. Just let whatever happen, happen. Let’s get to some football on the field!


  1. Yeah…I’m with you…no knee-jerk reactions. An occasional attempt to lash out maybe.

    I think you’re right in that this won’t amount to much in the NCAA. I also think it shows that UM has still has a long way to go in the “rebuilding” dept.

  2. The players coming out and bad mouthing the coaching staff doesn’t happen too often. Ray Small’s dad is the exception.

  3. @Jim – rebuilding almost seems like an understatement. It’s almost as if they’re starting from scratch. Seems like a lot of the discontent comes from players that were there when Rodriguez came in.

    @Buckeyes – It’s most certainly a death sentence if you talk bad about the coach. Clearly something is amiss with the Michigan football program, even if it isn’t misconduct.

  4. Did anyone see Rich Rod crying???


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