Taylor Mays, classy dude

FootballPreviously, current and former USC Trojans have talked a little smack directed at our beloved Buckeyes (here (LOL LenDale), here, and here [coming from someone who won’t be sniffing the field September 12th]) and have come off rather… feminine-hygiene-producty (I hate using the d-word). In short, it lacks the quality good smack-talk has: a little respect to your foe.

Taylor Mays does it right (h/t BlockONation):

The season cannot start soon enough.


  1. Taylor Mays is one hell of a player. OSU needs to make sure Pryor knows where he is at all times.

    Seems like he is a good dude with respect for OSU and their history.

    I just watched the Big Ten OSU practice special…it was awesome. Can’t wait for the season to start already.

  2. I just hope TP doesn’t try to drop the shoulder here! No need to risk it…Mays is one hell of a player(but I still will take TP any day).

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