2007 Preview (Better late than never edition)

OSU FootballWith the season only a few days away (we’ve been counting them down, if you hadn’t noticed) I proposed a few preview-type questions to my fellow MotSaG’ers and over the next few days I’ll be posting their answers. This is just a teaser.

Instead of the traditional preview posts looking at positions and players in-depth, we’re taking a personal approach this year. (Besides, there are already excellent previews that we’ll be linking). We’ll be looking at the “3 Things” we’re looking forward to this season. This season starts again with unanswered questions, and we’re excited about getting some of those answers.

Here’s what we’ve been mulling over — you can start thinking about them as well.

#1 – What 3 Things are you looking forward to this season on Offense?
#2 – What 3 Things are you looking forward to this season on Defense?
#3 – Which 3 OSU games are you looking forward to most this season? Which 3 non-OSU games are you looking forward to his season?

Stay tuned!


  1. #1- beating that team up north
    #2- beating that team up north
    #3- 3 OSU games looking forward to the most- Penn St, Wisconsin, & that team from up north. Which 3 non OSU games am I looking forward to- I really don’t understand that second question. You mean to tell me other teams other than OSU play on Saturday? Are there really more important games or better games to look forward to other than OSU? I find that hard to believe.

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