2007 Preview – Looking at the Offense

OSU FootballFinally, we’re tackling the question of what are we looking forward from the offense this year.

1 – Beanie. The Bucks haven’t had a power rushing game since [HWSNBN]. With Beanie, Wells, and Seine, it’ll be nice to start seeing 200-yard-plus rushing games become more frequent.

2 – TEs. If we are to assume that 2007 will be the return of Tresselball (and we should assume), then Jake Ballard and Rory Nichol are going to be used more than ever before – maybe even at the same time. I expect Sweatervest to use a lot of double TE sets this season.

3 – Ray Small. Touted as a faster Teddy Ginn, Ray disappeared after getting shot with an elephant gun last season. Will he step up as slot receiver and be OSU’s home-run threat?

1 – Is there a receiver or receivers that can stretch the field and keep the defense honest. I don’t care how studly Beanie is, he wont be able to run against 8-9 defenders in the box game after game.

2 – I am looking forward to see if the play calling will change from last year (that includes what formations will be used). Will Tressel lean more toward the run? Will 5 wide receivers/shotgun still be used? Will we be able to break out the old adage “TresselBall” i.e. punt and play defense?

3 – I am looking forward to watching the new guys. Who will be the next star or Heisman contender. Only the games will tell. Is it Saturday yet?

el Kaiser
I can’t help but think back five years and see some obvious similarities (besides a killer D). Let’s hope it plays out in similar fashion:

1 – The QB play. The Buckeyes have a QB that isn’t flashy but has a good arm. Can Boeckman be Krenzel-like and play just well enough to not lose games?

2 – The running game. A very talented and punishing RB will be anchoring the offense as it was back in 2002. At least this time he won’t go crazy on us and have a total meltdown.

3 – The receiver corps. Again, we’ve got solid possession receivers (Robiskie, Hartline) and someone who can stretch the field (Small). I think the WRs will be a barometer for the Buckeyes. If they’re catching a lot of passes, we’ll be doing just fine.

Sylvester-Yon Rambo
1. Will we be as explosive as years past?
2. Is Beanie all that and a bag of chips?
3. Who is our stud QB going to be?

What has you excited? Anything making you nervous? Will Boeckman still be the starter up in Ann Arbor? Inquiring minds want to know!


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