2007 Preview – Looking at the Defense

OSU FootballThe next question in our preview of the 2007 Ohio State season is “What 3 Things are you looking forward to this season on Defense.” The MotSaG answers:

Slyvester-Yon Rambo
1 – Will little Animal become the greatest LB in OSU history?
2 – Will V. Gholstons arms explode?
3 – Is our defense good enough to make up for inexperienced offense?

1 – I think a key position this season on defense will be DT. I am anxious to see how the rotation will look at that position. It will be important for the DT to allow the linebackers to make plays.

2 – I have always liked Malcolm Jenkins and I think he has a chance to be the next great NFL corner from OSU. My guess is other teams will pick on the corner opposite of Jenkins. That being said, I look for Jenkins to make some big plays this season.

3 – I cant wait until Gholston brings Chad Henne down with his pinky. Can we please see the one armed tackle again? (Sure. – ed) Gholston is going to be a beast this year.

el Kaiser
1 – I was never sold on Jamario O’Neal to begin with, but being leap-frogged by true Sophomore Kurt Coleman on the depth chart is something I’ll be keeping an eye on. Ohio State has always had safeties that could bring the wood. Can (and will) Coleman?

2 – Everyone knows that Little Animal is the man when it comes to the Linebackers, but when are the others going to live up to their potential? Freeman, Homan, Grant, Spitler and others have had moments of brilliance, but we need some consistency. Curtis Terry, WRU? Will the freshmen LBs step up?

3- It’s impossible to hide my man-crush for “He who has Gigantic Pipes,” so I want to see this happen OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

1. LBs. How good is Laurinaitis really? How good will he be without Pitcock and Patterson in front of him? We’ll see.

2. Secondary. OSU’s secondary is going to be scary. Scary.

3. Finally, I’m looking forward to watching el Kaiser’s man-crush on V. Gholston develop even further. With every sack and TFL, el Kaiser will come closer to leaving the wife & kids.

Defense wins championships and the defense that will be taking the field on Saturday is one of the defenses. What are you looking forward to?


  1. 1. Will our defense score as many points as they did in the first half of last season (we had a ridiculous run of turnovers that I wish I had the stats in front of me for…)?

    2. Will Vernon Gholston actually murder someone on the field? Not like on purpose, so maybe manslaughter, but will it happen?

    3. A Will Allen-esque interception will seal-off another win in the last weekend of the season. Mark it down. Chad Henne will cry his eyes out on the sideline, at the Capitol One Bowl a few weeks later, and on draft day with Brady Quinn holding his hand as he falls off the draft board.


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