Thaddeus to the NFL

Adam Rittenberg at is reporting that Thaddeus Maximus Gibson will enter the 2010 NFL Draft:

Ohio State defensive end Thaddeus Gibson will forgo his senior season and declare for the NFL draft, according to sources.

Oh well. WWAHG (We will always have Gholston)

Update: It looks like Thad is the only junior leaving early. That means Cam Heyward (Thank the Maker), Chimdi Chekwa, Ross Homan and Jermale Hines are all sticking around for their Senior seasons. Shades of Mike Doss, anyone?


  1. Well, best of wishes to Thaddeus in his next stage of life. However, Heyward and Chekwa coming back.

  2. @Ken – absolutely. I never have a problem with players who do the right thing, keep their nose clean and play hard like Thaddeus and leave early. More power to them and best of luck in the NFL.

    Other than Heyward, I think the rest of the Juniors thinking about leaving need another year before they take their games to the next level.

  3. Sylvester Yon-Rambo says

    Having lived through the 1990’s it is refreshing that year after year more buckeyes come back than leave early each year.

    I dont harbor any ill feelings towards any that leave early who are first day draft picks but back in the 90’s we would lose a lot of guys who didnt take the strategy that the current ones do….

    1-2 rd leave early

    anything else come back be a college student win a bunch of games and another B-10 title and a BCS bowl berth.

    I for one love that these guys will be back and wish Thaddeus a bunch of success.

    One proud BUCKEYE here in Pittsburgh.

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