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We need a little help here at MotSaG. One of our favorite things to post is our “Picture of the Week,” whether that be a shot of Mount Vernon’s pipes or Beanie Wells’ Stiff Arm of Justice. This year, we haven’t settled on a weekly shot. So we’re looking to our fellow MotSaG’ers for some inspiration.

Some have suggested we keep the Stiff Arm of Justice motif, as Terrelle Pryor sports a pretty mean Stiff Arm himself. Some have even branded it the SAoJ 2.0:


That’s a solid suggestion. But how about a “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” shot of the week:


Eh? Eh?

This is where you guys help us out. We’ve already had a few good suggestions come through the MotSaG inbox, but if you’ve got a gem we’ve missed, let us know!


  1. What’s concerning about the first picture is the fact that Pryor has 4 defenders around him and one Buckeye throwing a lookout block.

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