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Quick! Someone get Penn St. on the schedule!

FootballUniversity of Michigan head coach Lloyd Carr has excused wide receiver Adrian Arrington from spring practice.

There are no specifics on Arrington’s violation. Carr mentioned that his return is “…possible, but not probable.” Which means, of course, Arrington will definitely be starting for UM later this fall.

Arrington got into some trouble early in the 2006 season as well, stemming from an assault, drunk driving, and auto theft accusation that occurred hours before his team’s game against Penn State. Feeling the pressure from being thin at WR for the important game (Mario Manningham was out with an injury), coach Carr allowed Arrington to play the game, then benched him for a series the following week (after Manningham returned). A few months later, Arrington’s victim did not report to court to testify against him, the evidence from her testimony to the police was not allowed, and the judge was forced to drop the case without a trial.

It will be interesting to find out the specific violation that caused Arrington’s dismissal from spring ball. Based on Carr’s history with Arrington, if domestic violence, underage drinking, and criminal activity only warrant sitting on the bench a few weeks later, then whatever caused him to be kicked out of spring practice must have been really bad. Like caught-snorting-coke-off-a-dead-hooker’s-body bad.

Also missing spring ball is Mike Hart, who finished fifth in Heisman voting last year. The recipient of the fifth most Heisman votes had arthroscopic surgery on his fifth-most voted for knee, and will not be practicing with his non-Heisman-vote-receiving teammates.

Carson Butler and Eugene Germany are also not playing spring ball. Neither of them received the fifth-most number of Heisman votes, so I guess it’s not important.

Tournament Pick’em Contest

Just a couple more hours to sign up for the MotSaG Tournament Pick’em Contest. We’ll be closing the registration at 10PM (EST) tonight.

You can read all the details here.

ESPN is wrong yet again

Has anyone seen the Sports Nation poll on the front page? At the behest of Cold Pizza, Sports Nation wants to know who you think will be the first #1 seed to lose. Check out who they’ve got:


Wonderful, right? The irony of it all? UCLA is in the lead with 38%. I don’t know what makes me sadder.

(big H/T to fellow MotSaG’er Sylvester-Yon Rambo for catching this one)

Tournament Pick’em Contest

tressnacIcon.jpgJust a quick update to remind everyone that there’s still time to join MotSaG’s first-ever contest, the Tournament Pick’em Shindig. We’ve already received a handful of requests, but are hoping for more!

If you previously submitted a request via the Contact form, please send it in again, as there was a problem with the email address the contact form was using. It’s all been fixed now, though, so if you’re interested in participating in the contest, send us an email at motsag-at-gmail-dot-com or contact us with our handy-dandy contact form.

We hope to see you there!

GWARRR!! Oden Hungry!!

OSU Logo


…for his Big Ten tourney title.

Oden wants Wisco tomorrow. Oden wants 30 wins and a top seed going into the big dance. Oden wants to make a Bill Brasky/Chuck Norris sandwich and eat it with one bite. Oden wants to make sweet, tender love to your wife while you sit in a corner, too pathetically intimidated to do anything about it. Oden wants to be reunited with his real father. Oden demands lower oil prices, eradication of racism, bicycle lanes on all streets, one of those pizzas with the cheese in the crust, advanced knowledge of all the NCAA ’08 cheats for PS3, LaKisha to win this season’s American Idol, world peace, the Doobie Brothers to reform and start touring again, and more than anything else, he demands the end of this blog ent–

Image credit: ESPN

MotSaG’s Tournament Pick’em Contest

We’re going to hold the first-ever Men of the Scarlet and Gray sponsored contest and you’re invited to participate. It’s time to show us how strong your powers of divination are by filling out the perfect NCAA Tournament bracket.

We’re going to have a Tournament Pick’em contest, complete with an actual prize!

For the contest, we’ll be using Yahoo!’s NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em. The first place winner’s prize will be a $25 gift certificate to Buckeye Corner’s online store or (winner’s choice). In the event of a tie, will be used to determine the winner. MotSaG staff will be taking part in the festivities, but ineligible for the prizes.

How do you participate? Simple, just send an email to motsag-at-gmail-dot-com (or use the contact form) with your email address and you’ll be sent an invitation to join our Pick ‘Em league. We’ll leave the registration open until Tuesday the 13th. The brackets will be set on Sunday (the 11th) and you’ll have until Thursday (the 15th) to lock in your selections. After you join the league, just set your brackets (picking the Buckeyes to go all the way, of course) and then sit back and enjoy the tournament.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments.

LeBron and the Buckeyes

LeBron LogoAs the Buckeyes gear up for a deep postseason run, they will be sporting new uniforms for the Big Ten and NCAA Tournaments. The new uniforms, developed by Nike, will have the LeBronJames23 logo instead of the famous Nike Swoosh. As is the trend in a lot of sports these days, the uniforms will be made of lighter, more form fitting fabric. See all the details in this Columbus Dispatch article.

Here is a better picture of the new uniform that will be worn by the Buckeyes. If you look really close, the LBJ23 logo is noticable. The image can be found in a current SI article.
New uni.jpg