GWARRR!! Oden Hungry!!

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…for his Big Ten tourney title.

Oden wants Wisco tomorrow. Oden wants 30 wins and a top seed going into the big dance. Oden wants to make a Bill Brasky/Chuck Norris sandwich and eat it with one bite. Oden wants to make sweet, tender love to your wife while you sit in a corner, too pathetically intimidated to do anything about it. Oden wants to be reunited with his real father. Oden demands lower oil prices, eradication of racism, bicycle lanes on all streets, one of those pizzas with the cheese in the crust, advanced knowledge of all the NCAA ’08 cheats for PS3, LaKisha to win this season’s American Idol, world peace, the Doobie Brothers to reform and start touring again, and more than anything else, he demands the end of this blog ent–

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  1. lol…I don’t know what else to say.

  2. Woody Hayes says

    On a side note…those cheesy crust thingies are actually good?

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