MotSaG’s Tournament Pick’em Contest

We’re going to hold the first-ever Men of the Scarlet and Gray sponsored contest and you’re invited to participate. It’s time to show us how strong your powers of divination are by filling out the perfect NCAA Tournament bracket.

We’re going to have a Tournament Pick’em contest, complete with an actual prize!

For the contest, we’ll be using Yahoo!’s NCAA Tournament Pick ‘Em. The first place winner’s prize will be a $25 gift certificate to Buckeye Corner’s online store or (winner’s choice). In the event of a tie, will be used to determine the winner. MotSaG staff will be taking part in the festivities, but ineligible for the prizes.

How do you participate? Simple, just send an email to motsag-at-gmail-dot-com (or use the contact form) with your email address and you’ll be sent an invitation to join our Pick ‘Em league. We’ll leave the registration open until Tuesday the 13th. The brackets will be set on Sunday (the 11th) and you’ll have until Thursday (the 15th) to lock in your selections. After you join the league, just set your brackets (picking the Buckeyes to go all the way, of course) and then sit back and enjoy the tournament.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments.


  1. […] Just a quick update to remind everyone that there’s still time to join MotSaG’s first-ever contest, the Tournament Pick’em Shindig. We’ve already received a handful of requests, but are hoping for more! […]

  2. […] A big, hearty congratulations to John (aka Buckeye in Texas) whose bracket won the MotSaG first annual Tournament Pick’em Contest. […]

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