LeBron and the Buckeyes

LeBron LogoAs the Buckeyes gear up for a deep postseason run, they will be sporting new uniforms for the Big Ten and NCAA Tournaments. The new uniforms, developed by Nike, will have the LeBronJames23 logo instead of the famous Nike Swoosh. As is the trend in a lot of sports these days, the uniforms will be made of lighter, more form fitting fabric. See all the details in this Columbus Dispatch article.

Here is a better picture of the new uniform that will be worn by the Buckeyes. If you look really close, the LBJ23 logo is noticable. The image can be found in a current SI article.
New uni.jpg


  1. Get the —- out of here. I dislike the uniforms we wear right now anyways; I can\’t wait to see how horrible these are gonna be. —-ing Nike.

  2. thanks for the eloquence Jack…….this is a family friendly blog.

    I think everyone knows how I feel about Lebron, he is always my #1 pick in Fantasy basketball. I think this is a bad decision though. Why let someone who didnt take the oppurtunity to attend OSU (which was his only college choice had he not gone pro) be on our Jerseys in any way. They have a much better candidate in Mike Redd who also is sponsored by Nike.

    Bad decision by all in my opinion

  3. Eloquence thy name is not Jack.

    I wonder along with Sylvester-Yon Rambo why they went with Lebron. Does he eepitomize what it is to be an Ohio State Buckeye or is it because Michael Jordan is out of the picture?

  4. Any pics on the web?

  5. Chris – I have looked but have not found any pircutes of the new look.

  6. whats a pircute zeke lol j/k …..hey el kiser w about a little censorship on those words up there that make me feel dirty every time I read them

  7. Woody Hayes says

    Thanks Fab Five, I’m looking at the uniforms and I’m worried about the poor guys tripping as they go down the court. 🙁

  8. The SI article impies that the players who will be wearing the uniforms had some input in their design. Just like how Nike always says they take suggestions from Oregon players when designing those hideous football uniforms. And to this point I have to echo what CFN had to say on the subject: these are college kids, largely 18-20-year-olds. They’re stupid. When I was in college, I sure as hell didn’t want what was best for me. Not even sure I knew what it was. And these kids apparently want to look like they’re wearing body paint and pantaloons…

    Plus, sorry about the cursing. I do love it so.


  1. […] The new look, including the LeBron stamps, have the Buckeyes as a lock for best-dressed team in the Big Ten, or worst-dressed team, depending o your age (Skeletor isn’t afraid to share his opinion). I’m hoping the funky sleeves shown above for stud Buckeye #20 are part of the optional accessory package and won’t see the court, but if nothing else, these should help cut down opposing players hanging on Oden’s jersey. […]

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