MotSaG featured on CSTV’s WebWatch

It’s a couple of weeks late, but we were waiting patiently for CSTV to post the video on its website.

CSTV’s Crystal Ball featured one of our recent posts that discussed the issue of fewer stats due to the new time rules.

We were quite geeked that CSTV gave us the attention. I’ll admit, though, it’s kinda odd to have Trev Alberts making comments on things that you have written. I picture him printing out our post, making notes in the margins, preparing comments for the taped show. Then I imagine him clicking through the rest of our site, and seeing that we’ve called him Mrs. Mark May, had him embedded in a laundry cart of jockstraps, and had Tressnac use him as fodder for one of his classic insults. Makes me feel warm inside.

You can find the video here. The segment begins at the 2:35 time mark (you may have to endure a short commercial first).


  1. Monkey – Thanks for the link. Very cool. And very weird to think that Trev did read our love letter to him.

    We love ya Trev, call us!

  2. I feel like I know famous people!

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