This makes me profoundly sad

I do more Google searches for Vernon Gholston than the average Buckeye Fan (don’t judge!) and recently came across this article that made me sad.

Coach Rex Ryan doesn’t even bother to try to talk him up anymore and the media doesn’t even bother to ask. It’s getting harder and harder not to stamp linebacker Vernon Gholston a bust and move on.


Then just the other day I saw our buddies at Eleven Warriors had linked to this article from our own Ken Gordon at the Dispatch reiterating the same things.

“That’s still a work in progress, but I will say this: When we’re going back and looking at our cutups and things like that, I think this young man deserves a better chance,” Ryan said. “We need to give him more playing time.

That’s not quite as dire as a couple months ago, but it’s still disappointing.

I often wonder where motivation and drive come from for someone blessed with physical gifts beyond mere mortals (see: LeBron, Tiger, MJ, Vernon). It came so easy to Vernon at OSU (exhibit A, exhibit B). I wonder what has happened this far with Vernon. There’s no bigger fan of his than me and it pains me to see the current trajectory of his professional career. He doesn’t seem to have the drive he once had.

It’s obvious that at his point, at the highest level of competition, the blessed one has not produced. Not even a little bit. There’s no way to interpret his current production as anything other than major letdown. I’ve watched him play as a Jet when I could and never saw the fire or domination he had as a Buckeye. Maybe it was the system (going from a basic 4-3 in college to Rex Ryan’s confusing 3-4 blitz mania). Maybe it’s something else. At this point, we can just hope Ryan is able to light a fire under his rear end and he silences the critics in 2010.

What’s your take?

Monday Musings are sad

FootballOSU FootballThe Buckeyes aren’t in the tournament? That makes MM muy sad.

But that’s just the tip of the old iceberg. What else is happening in the world of sports in the Ohio?

Anything you can do, we can do better: There’s a brief article in the FreeP about Ohio State (and Minnesota) sending some of its defensive position coaches down to South Florida to get some pointers on stopping the Rodriguez Spread Express. The USF Bulls shut it down two years in a row, they must be doing something right. Unfortunately, it looks like they’re rather tight-lipped:

Burnham said, though, “There are a few subtle things I keep to myself. We don’t give away all our secrets.”


Terrel Pryor watch: The blogs were abuzz late last week with the announcement that Pryor would be making his decision this week, as he had narrowed his choices down to two schools. I think there’s a 98.43% chance he’s a Buckeye. 11W are a little concerned about him throwing around the word “just” as in “I may just play basketball” as in “I may just go to Memphis.”

Nah, that ain’t happening.

I’m majoring in Quarterbacking: I mentioned yesterday about the academic shenanigans going on up north. Part two of the story is up.

Roll the Bones: Don’t forget about joining us in our Yahoo Tournament Pick’em.

New blogs: Jim Tressel’s Head (They’re on top of the preemptive smack talk going down at USC) and Cleveland Frowns, who gets a big old tip-of-the-hat for a most excellent blog name.

And finally, because it’s been a while, it’s your Vernon Gholston shot for the week:

Vernon Gholston

Weekly Vernon Gholston Shot

Vernon Gholston

I wonder what it feels like to have testosterone run through your veins instead of blood. Huh.

The Kent State performance evaluation and Link Round-up will be up later. Probably shortly after the Indians send Manny being Manny and his Merry Band of Red Sox packing.