Braxton Miller Injured, Season in Jeopardy (UPDATED)

(** Post updated, see below **)

Tim May of the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Braxton Miller has reinjured his surgically repaired shoulder:

Ohio State senior quarterback Braxton Miller, considered by several polls to be among the preseason leaders to make a run at the Heisman Trophy, reinjured his right shoulder in practice this afternoon, sources told The Dispatch. The injury puts in jeopardy his playing status for the coming season.

This is according to a source and has no been confirmed by Ohio State nor coach Urban, so adjust your panic accordingly. This could be an overzealous source, mishearing a conversation or this could be the most devastating injury for Ohio State’s National Championship hopes since Roy Hall’s ill-fated tackle.

The Lantern tweeted out a few more details, and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture:

Also, from Patrick Maks at 11W:


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