Smoke Meets Fire- Denial Meets Inevitability

After Tim May of the Dispatch reported last night that Braxton was injured and might miss the entire season most fans instantly went into panic mode. Then other reports came in it wasn’t that serious. Then reports came in that it was even worse possibly career threatening. Today we have some what of a definitive answer…

Braxton Miller is hurt.

Braxton Miller is not going to play this year.

Braxton Miller may or may not seek a Medical Redshirt to play in 2015.

Ohio State fans are sad, possibly dejected, even devastated.

JT Barrett or Cardale Jones or Stephen Collier will start every game this year. OSU will be fine. They have an extreme amount of talent at every position. Yes they will miss Braxton. He is an amazing player and leader and was set to break nearly every QB record OSU has this year.

They will not go 3-9 or 4-8 or 5-7 or 6-6 or well you get the point. The talent and schedule makes this a 10+ win team even without Braxton. Whoever takes the helm still has 4 and 5 stars surrounding him and coaches who are the best in the business. All of them have been taking first string reps in practice since last season ended. Adversity will define this team and it could go either way but odds are…

OSU will be fine!!!

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