Friday Open Thread: Purdue

This was meant to go up earlier, but a scheduling snafu and a forgetful blogger are an awful combination. But since this is Purdue week, we can be forgiven for some awful execution. Purdue’s been doing that the whole season. ZING!

So not a whole lot to discuss this week. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up here all week, because staying focused for a foe like Purdue isn’t just something the football players struggle with. We fans can overlook foes, too.

Can this be the first time a team struggles because they were looking ahead… to their bye week?

I kid, Boiler fans. I kid.

Some highlights from this week’s Purdue coverage:

Ronnie actually found more than one Boilermaker that will be worth watching on Saturday. Three of them, actually.

In this week’s gruesome scene of the crime, the statistics are not in Purdue’s favor. Like at all. The preview isn’t doing them any favors, either.

Shannon asks the question we’ve all been wondering in his Q&A session with BoiledSports:

MotSaG: This is the first time I have had to ask this question but whats Purdue’s secret at Ross-Ade Stadium versus the Buckeyes?

BS: Plain and simple- mind control. It’s odd that it hasn’t worked on any other opponent, but tons of subliminal messages are being broadcasted during the pre-game into the Buckeye locker room…it’s kind of a shame the same tactics don’t work versus Notre Dame or Michigan. Honestly, we have no idea…but hope the trend continues.

So it’s going to be lopsided right?

I’m hedging my bets. I think OSU could easily score ten touchdowns on these guys. But it’s in their stadium and there’s some Bermuda Triangle stuff going on over there. So I’m going to say:

OSU: 59
Purdue: 13

What say you?

And just for fun, here’s Kade’s video of Marcus Hall repeatedly decleating Deion Barnes:

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