Boiler Down: Players to Watch Week 10 Purdue

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The Boilermakers are doing everything they can to hype this game up this weekend.  The Boilermakers are looking to wreck the Buckeyes undefeated run as they’ve done in years past.  Here are a few players that could make that happen for Purdue, and also some guys who will do their best to prevent that from happening from Ohio State.


Akeem Hunt, Running Back #1-  Hunt is the every down back for Purdue.  While his statistics don’t jump off the screen, he is still a main cog in the Boilermaker offense.  Hunt is the leading rusher,  in attempts and yards, and also the leading receiver in receptions.  He is a very versatile back, almost like a Jordan Hall.  He has the ability to rush 15-20 times a game effectively, as well as break out in the passing game and cause matchup issues with opposing linebackers.  Hunt will have to be accounted for on the field as Purdue will rely heavily on him to help out the true freshman quarterback Purdue will be starting.

DeAngelo Yancey, Wide Receiver #80-  While Yancey is a freshman, he has been a bright spot for the struggling Purdue offense.  Yancey is a big play receiver averaging 21.8 yards per catch so far this season.  He is a good size kid at 6’2, 200 pounds, and with that size comes a great leaping ability.  Yancey was projected out of high school to be more of an H-back, however he has been placed at wide receiver and has been having a productive freshman campaign.  Yancey will not out run a player like Roby, but he is a physical receiver and will be a threat going across the middle of the field, and in the red zone in jump ball situations.

Bruce Gaston, Defensive Tackle #90-  Every time Purdue has upset Ohio State in recent memory, there has been one defensive lineman who seemed to single handedly wreck the game.  Whether it be Ryan Kerrigan, or Kwann Short, Purdue is very good at producing quality defensive lineman, and Gaston may be the next to come out.  Gaston is a large guy at 310 pounds, and he will do his best to clog up the middle of the line.  Last year against the Buckeyes Gaston did not have much an impact on the game, however with another year under his belt Gaston looks like an improved player and will be a good challenge for the quality Buckeye offensive line.

Ohio State

Dontre Wilson-  Ever since the Northwestern game where Wilson got limited touches, and also had a bad week of practice, Wilson has become a serious player in the offensive scheme.  Wilson played his first quality game of his career last week.  We saw Wilson flash some against Iowa, but last week he finally seemed to begin to not only run with purpose and confidence, but he also blocked pretty well.  I’m excited to see what Wilson will do this week against a pretty average Purdue defense.  The Buckeyes may need an electric play to wake them up and get things going against Purdue and Wilson can definitely provide that for this offense.

Jeff Heuerman- When Meyer says they have to find more ways to get a player involved its not a suggestion its a promise.  Heuerman has been blocking his butt off and playing at a very high level according to his coaches.  I think this week he will be rewarded for all of his hard work.  A lot of attention will be played to stopping Braxton, Carlos Hyde, Dontre Wilson, Devin Smith, etc.  However, Purdue can not cover everybody, and I think this week will be the week Heuerman gets 6 or 7 catches, and really exploit the matchup problems he presents.

Carlos Hyde- This guy has been an absolute man this season.  Coming off another huge night against Penn State, Hyde will look to leave his bruising mark in West Lafayette.  This will be one of the better challenges he will face this year versus the Purdue front four.  Bruce Gaston and Ryan Isaac present a very good challenge for the Buckeye star running back.  Gaston and Isaac are transitioning well to the 3-4 nose tackle, and have the ability to clog up the middle, however we have been seeing a more agile Hyde of late. His vision has been improving which has given Hyde the threat of being able to bounce a run outside if the middle is clogged.  Hyde’s patience is the most underrated part of his game, and this week it will be vital as the Buckeyes might struggle to move the gigantic nose tackles of the Boilermakers.  If the line handles the Boilermakers front four and Hyde is his normal self, expect another massive day from him.



  1. Dontre! Dontre! Dontre!

    I’ll believe Heuerman is part of the gameplan when I see it 🙂

  2. Did I hear someone say Wilson hmm whats the over/under on his TD’s Saturday?

  3. I’ll admit Heuerman is a stretch, but Meyer made similar comments before the FAMU game and Heuerman had a good day so we will see. Purdue isn’t quite FAMU:)

    I’ll place the over under on Dontre’s TD’s this week at 2.5. Most will probably take the under but you never know!

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