Purdue Beat Down Recap

Finally the Buckeyes got to get the West Lafayette monkey off their backs!

So many positives for the Buckeyes and a few negatives to take away from the shutout they handed the Boilermakers. Lets start with the negatives shall we since there were I would say two of them. The first one was the interception that Braxton threw. What the heck man I mean come on this is Ohio State we don’t do those things its not like we are TTUN. OK seriously though the major negative was the injury to Decker which it seems he will be out for a few weeks with a MCL sprain.

Before we go into the positives of the game I would like to apologize for I feel I short changed our readers on Thursday in my preview of the game. No where did I mention that Purdue had a hell of a punter. Cody Webster had averaged almost 50 yards per kick and he seemed to be the best player on the field Saturday for the Boilermakers.


Man did they come out strong getting the Buckeyes on the board first with Grants pick six (first of the year for Buckeyes). The Buckeyes defense was pestering Danny Etling all day sacking him 6 times. Maybe the fire Fickell fan club can keep getting quieter. The Silver Bullets defense only surrendered 116 yards total to Purdue’s offense and kept them out of the end zone pitching their second shutout of the season.


I pointed out in my preview that we would see fireworks and lots of them. The Buckeyes offense rolled up with 49 points, 6 for 6 in the red-zone, 640 yards of total offense. That’s 424 more yards than what the Purdue offense amassed. Urban said during the week the Buckeyes wanted to get the tight ends more involved against Purdue but Purdue must not of heard that cause they did get involved. Both Heuerman and Vannet both had touchdown catches together they had seven receptions for 137 yards. Heuerman had the same amount of recieving yards as what the whole Purdue offense could muster together.

The 345 yards rushing by the Buckeyes to me was even more impressive by the fact that Braxton had only 7 yards rushing himself. He stayed in the pocket more and was just lighting up Purdue until he was yanked and replaced by Kenny G. Yes Miller was so bad that he threw for 4 touchdowns and 233 yards. Sorry I couldn’t even type that with a straight face, Miller only missed on 4 passes and had that 1 INT on their second possession. Braxton was very very good Saturday for the Scarlet and Gray he seems to get better each week and its getting scary watching him. He is either going to burn you with his accuracy which is so much improved or his legs which are always deadly to defenses.

The way the buckeyes are playing and they way they keep getting better each week is great for Buckeye Nation. I’m tired of the “They have a weak Schedule” babble that everyone is spewing. How many teams has the Buckeyes face this year when that team is coming off of a bye week and getting 2 weeks to prepare for them? I believe the answer to be four teams in a row have had an extra week of preparation. Northwestern, Iowa, Penn State and Purdue. While theses teams might not light it up and be sexy to the national media theses coaches and kids are giving their all to try and beat the Buckeyes who have a large target on their back each week. These teams want to say they are the ones to stop the streak but the Buckeyes are proving they are better. Championship caliber teams keep winning and the Buckeyes are at 21-0 in the Urban Meyer era.

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