The Best of the B1G: #16 Ricardo Allen

b1g_iconRicardo Allen is a top cornerback for Purdue. He is a senior and is from Daytona Beach, Florida. Currently, he is rated 21 of 100 CBs from Clearly, he is gaining NFL exposure. He is expected to have a dominant senior season.


Despite his height, he enjoys the challenge on playing against the opponents’ best receiver. In total, he has 164 tackles, 118 solo tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss, 6 interceptions, and 14 passes deflected. With those stats rising he is a top CB prospect for the NFL next year. He will be the leader of the Purdue defense.

Here is a video to show his freshman and sophomore highlights. Clearly, he gets to the ball quickly to make tackles. He is also great at shedding blocks to get to the ball. He has good ball instincts and plays with tons of energy.

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  1. I hate to say it but he is an absolute shutdown CB…. He could be higher on this list if Purdue didnt suck so much…


  1. […] first half was almost flawless. Outside of Braxton’s interception (to a pretty good Ricardo Allen) and a couple runs that only went for a couple yards the Ohio state offense was moving up and down […]

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