Football Moment Bracket (Final Round): #1 Braxton’s TD Throw (Wisc) vs. #3 Goal Line Stand (PSU)

And now for the moment we’ve all be waiting for: The Final Round of the 2012 Ohio State Buckeyes Football Moment Bracket.

It was kind of a foregone conclusion that Braxton’s last-second touchdown heave was going to make it to the final round. We’ve exhausted hundreds of words on it already, speaking its praises. It has it all: Freshman heroics, last gasp finishes, beating Bret Bielma. But for me, it’s the backyard, “you go long, you go short, you go long” feel to it that brings it really home. Braxton’s little improvisation wave off that just moves it into Legendary Status. Let’s watch it one more time, for old time’s sake:

#1 Braxton Miller’s Touchdown Throw against Wisconsin:


Braxton’s opponent is formidable, indeed. Because we are Ohio State fans, we love us some stout defenses, and nothing is better than a potential game-saving goal line stand. Especially against those odious Penn State Nittany Lions. The game didn’t end in our favor, but at least there’s not a crater where our football program used to be, so I guess we’ve got that going for us.

Again, just watch Ryan Shazier and don’t be surprised if your face melts off.

#3 Ohio State’s Defensive Goal Line Stand against Penn State

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