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In case you missed it is Men of the Scarlet and Gray’s semi-regular look at items that would interest the casual and seriously hard core Ohio State fan, be they news items, interesting blog posts or funny cat memes. It’s all here and it’s all for you.

Not directly related to Ohio State, but GQ has a few excerpts of Joe Posnanski’s (one of my top five favorite sports writers) upcoming book, Paterno.

“My name,” he told Jay, “I have spent my whole life trying to make that name mean something. And now it’s gone.”

He never said what he meant by “something.”

Glad you’re a Buckeye, bro: Two days into ESPN’s All-Access show featuring the Buckeyes and I’m pretty much ready to punch a horse for Urban Meyer and Mickey Marotti. Mrs. Kaiser doesn’t “get it” but I could pretty much watch a 24 hour TV channel of Urban Meyer. All Coach Urban, all the time.

And speaking of Maroitt, man, watching “Mick” lead these training drills I couldn’t help thinking: Is this a football camp or a North Korean military training exercise? Sheesh that guy has the troops in synch.

Luke over a Land Grant Holy Land has been doing recaps of the show and you can catch the episodes on YouTube here (until they get taken down, of course).

I mentioned this in the comments yesterday about Urban’s uses of tight ends in his offense, but Nick Vannett has been turning heads at practice.

“Nick Vannett is one of the most improved players,” Meyer said in the midst of answering an unrelated question pertaining to his quarterbacks. “He’s going to be right in the middle of this thing, and I didn’t see that at all in the spring. If you noticed, I didn’t even bring his name up because he really was not a very functional guy in the spring. I love giving credit where credit is due.”

In today’s feel-good story, check out the Dayton Daily News’ story about two former football players reunited after their sons became friends this year at camp. Small world.

That Dayton Daily News article also mentions Urban Meyer’s tradition of putting black stripes on freshmen helmets. Started as a way to eliminate freshman hazing (going all the way back to Bowling Green State University in 2001) it has transformed into a rite of passage:

“The symbolism of it is defining them as a freshman,” said junior center Corey Linsley, whose little brother is freshman lineman Joey O’Connor. “When they become a grown man, as we’re always talking about, that’s when there will be kind of a ceremony in which the stripe is removed.”

(Now we just need some black stripes for these freshmen bloggers we’re bring on board)

Finally, a few quick hits from around the web: Black Shoe Diaries are doing their rundown of B1G recruiting classes. Here is there look at their take on Ohio State’s class. Paul over at Pre-snap Read is ranking 124 college football teams and he just hit Ohio State at #21. His list is a sight to behold. This should be symbolic of a few things, right? (oh, and don’t forget to vote on your favorite moment from the 2011 season in our Final Round of the Football Moment Bracket Challenge)

And finally, finally we’ve got “Why SEC Isn’t As Great In Football As You Think“. I actually hope the sportsMonkey goes into more depth on this article (he’s the one that sent me the link in the first place), but for now, just go read the whole thing.

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