MotSaG Mailbag – Jackets whining; Influenza; OSU’s 2008 recruiting class; VG to the Jets?

Blog/site newsTime for a new feature on Men of the Scarlet and Gray, where we respond to comments, feedback, questions, and suggestions provided to us via the MotSaG Contact Form and/or individual post comments.

MotSaG reader Rob writes:

“You should change the name of your website. Every time I come on here, it is all about the Blue Jackets. On national signing day in which OSU pulls in one of the best classes of that last several years you put this article about how the Blue Jackets have given up.

What gives?”

No excuses here, Rob. You’re right, we totally dropped the ball. In our defense, el Kaiser, the MotSaG recruiting specialist, has spent the past week playing host to an unwelcome visitor from the Solomon Islands. And the CBJ post was written in frustration right after Tuesday’s loss, when yours truly was still loopy on cough medicine after hosting the same overseas traveler the week prior.

Still, after a quick perusal of our archives and some quickie math that involved sticking a finger up in the air, throwing a dart at a dartboard, and dividing the value by pi (which was hard because we missed the board entirely and hit the wall instead), we’ve discovered that over 1 out of 2 articles here at MotSaG are OSU-football related. The remainder is made up of other college football news, Ohio pro and amateur sports teams, and other miscellaneous time-wasting, mindless, and quite frankly, embarrassing entertainment (of which this post is a pristine example). The CBJ comprise only 4.9% of our time – which seems fair, because They Have Given Up anyway.

So, point taken, sir. You’re right, perhaps we should have been analyzing OSU’s recruiting class instead of writing fake Pryor chat logs. Keep an eye on this space for our take on the Buckeyes’ 2008 class. We promise to give our two Abe’s worth just as soon as the fever breaks and the NyQuil wears off.

MotSaG reader and most excellent Jets blogger Brian Basset writes:

“Greetings! …I wanted to inquire about Vernon Gholston… could you send me a rundown on him? Many fans seem excited that he might be sitting at #6 when the Jets will likely pick.”

Happy to do it, Brian. Here’s the MotSaG man-crush’s relevant information:

  • Height: 6’4″
  • Weight: 265 lbs.
  • Bench Press: 455 lbs.
  • Bicep circumference: Unknown (The Cray supercomputer on west campus is still working on that number)
  • Lawsuits pending: 1, against NBC (Vernon claims that Law and Order are the trademarked names of his left and right biceps)
  • 2007 TFL’s: 15.5
  • 2007 Sacks: 14
  • # of mothers of said QBs who felt a sharp pain in their uterus after their son was sacked: 14
  • # of QBs he made to fill their shorts with excrement: 28 (includes the backup QBs who were watching game film)
  • Number of patents he holds: 1 (his sweat is collected into cans and sold under the name Red Bull)
  • Records: Single game sacks – 4, for minus 32 yards (the QB is recovering nicely, btw), single season sacks (tie – Mike Vrabel).
  • Moves it takes him to win a Connect Four game: 3

Sounds to me like we’ve got another excuse to post a Vernon Gholston pic:




  1. Vernon Gholston looks as though he is pulling his best Vincent van Gogh and sizing up his next great work of art…


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