They’re starting to give up

cbjlogonew.jpgThe most disappointing thing about this team since the All-Star break isn’t the four losses, or the fact that they’re letting teams come from behind to win.

It isn’t that three of those losses were at home.

It’s not even that Pazzy – once again – won’t be able to pull off an injury-free season.

No, the most disappointing thing is that the team allowed Pazzy’s injury to go unanswered. Laing bull-rushed a franchise neminder – an All-Star player by most opinions – and not one Jacket stood up for his goalie? Where were the enforcers? Does the squad miss Jody that much already? (Would Jody have done anything if he were still here anyway?)

To me, that’s indicative of the team’s attitude. For the first time in franchise history, the team has had something to lose, and now that they’ve hit a slump, cohesion is clearly suffering.

The primary reason the Jackets were fighting for that 8th spot was LeClaire’s performance. The forwards’ collective numbers are comparable to last year’s; it’s only the French Alfalfa’s performance that had the team in position for a playoff push. If there’s one player you do stick up for, it’s him.

Now, down four points from the last spot, with a stretch of eight of nine games on the road starting on the 15th, the Jackets’ playoff hopes are probably dashed. It’s not likely they’ll be able to make this up with the rough month ahead. Sure, it’s possible; stranger things have happened. But realistically, it’s quite unlikely now, especially with a mighty-cold Norrena between the pipes (saving only 77% in relief last night, 80% in his last three starts).

So the question remains… what will the team do? What tone will the leaders set heading into spring? Men or mice? Fall apart and start pointing fingers, or pull it together and keep working toward that long-term goal (in this case, playoffs in 08/09)? Time will tell, and we’ll be watching.


  1. You should change the name of your website. Every time I come on here, it is all about the Blue Jackets. On national signing day in which OSU pulls in one of the best classes of that last several years you put this article about how the Blue Jackets have given up.

    What gives?

  2. Rob – thanks for the feedback. See the main page soon. You’ve inspired me.

    FWIW, after your comment I did some quick math… and it turns out that OSU sports are the theme of over 50% of our posts. The remainder is comprised of other Ohio sports teams and college f-ball not related to OSU. The Blue Jackets comprise only 5%.

    But it’s a point well taken. 🙂


  1. […] post is a pristine example). The CBJ comprise only 4.9% of our time – which seems fair, because They Have Given Up […]

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