Link Round-up – Week #5

Blog/site newsBetter late than never, right? Here are a few links from the past week.

Todd Boeckman leads the Big Ten in Passing Efficiency and is 10th in the nation. Things are going according to plan.

Injury Report: Beanie Wells doesn’t have a “tender ankle” and if all goes well, Lawrence Wilson will be back for OSU’s BCS Bowl game. Or should he redshirt?

Ohio State is not overlooking Minnesota’s weak defense. They’re just planning on out-running it, out-muscling it and overloading it.

I mentioned the Nike contract last week, but The Other Paper actually has a much deeper look at the contract. Interesting tidbits about Michigan’s contract with Adidas, too.

Ghosts of Wayne Fontes is wondering why people are sleeping on the Buckeyes. I think that will be the prevailing mindset for the next month or so. Eventually we’ll have something more concrete than the Washington win.

Love him or hate him, it’s hard to argue with Mike Hart’s body of work. We’re actually warming up to the dude here at the MotSaG HQ. In fact, we’re already feeling bad about the fact he’s going to be 0-4 against OSU. That’s no way to end a career. Regardless, this piece by Brian at MGoBlog is great blogging.

A Michigan fan (and Pastor) put his “allegiance” up for eBay, donating the proceeds to his church. The winner? Do I even need to tell you? (Here’s the eBay auction)

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