Link Round-up, Week #4

Blog/site newsOSU FootballYes, I know it’s a late round-up this week, but we’re entertaining family at the Kaiser household this weekend (taking the bro-in-law to his first game at the Horseshoe on Saturday) so I fell behind in my blogging duties. Apologies all around.

First link we have is from the Dispatch, about Little Animal’s family. More specifically, his mother. Even more specifically, how much his mother thinks he stinks. She wasn’t happy with the interception. She wanted a touchdown. Talk about a demanding mother! (James’ mom, Julie, also lifted weights competitively, by the by.) What is it with linebackers and their moms? I’ll refer you to this ESPN article written about A.J. Hawk’s blood-thirsty mother, Judy:

Judy’s general instructions: Hit ’em all. Hit ’em hard. Violently hard if need be. And be sure to get in a shot on the quarterback.


“I love to see A.J. hit,” Judy Hawk confirms. “We thrive on A.J. hitting people.”


This does finally explain why I never got a chance to play college football — my mom. Love her to death, but she never critiqued my performances. In fact, she never saw any of them. Oh sure, she was at all my games, but she had her eyes closed during every play! My long-snapping duties were extra hard on her nerves. So she’d keep her eyes shut until she heard the whistle blow. No wonder the only school that showed any interest was Hiram College! If only my mother was watching!

(Come to think of it, my eyes were closed during most plays I was in on.)

Moving on…

What we’ve learned as we head into conference play.

Ohio State football trainers beware — too many wrong tape jobs and you could cost the athletic department nearly $12,000 per messed up football cleat.

Couldn’t someone just Sharpie a Swoosh over the tape job? Get someone from the art department. They aren’t doing anything else on Saturday morning.

When is enough enough? We could always ask Rice University.

While not directly related to this year’s squad, Buckeye Legends has a good post about the good academic performance of the 2006 squad. (BTW — if you’re haven’t already, make sure you’ve subscribed to Buckeye Legends, a blog written by former Buckeyes.)

Your moment of Zen:

Where is Oden?

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