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Blog/site newsWe’re just now coming down from the high of the Michigan victory. Seriously, for like a week we all had smiles on our faces you couldn’t beat into a frown, even with a ballpeen hammer. It was some serious after-glow. We decided we would take a rest from the blogging game during the Thanksgiving week. With the Thanksgiving holiday now over, we’re getting back into the swing of things, trying to bring you some more excellent OSU content, hopefully entertaining you in the six weeks of downtime until it’s time to go Bowling in Glendale.

We’re not completely ignoring the other Ohio sports, we just have been so laser-focused on Ohio State football that we haven’t had time to mention the other sports. But we’re watching them and we have opinions. Like my opinion that the Browns are the biggest embarrassment the NFL has ever seen. Could the Buckeyes hang with the Browns right now? I wouldn’t be surprised. OSU Basketball is starting to heat up. How good is Thad Motta going to make this team? He must go recruiting with Playboy bunnies or something, he gets whoever he wants. The guy is amazing. The Cavs are looking strong (if uninspired) and LeBron makes some of the best commercials, ever. The Jackets aren’t in my wheel-house of expertise, but from what I can tell, they’ve been disappointing. The Indians aren’t exactly tearing up the off-season with any killer signings. Typical Cleveland behavior, but it’d be nice to see something exciting happen for a change.

Here at MotSaG, we’re working on a number of items, so I thought I’d give you a taste of things to come:

  • How does OSU matchup with its potential BCS Championship opponent?
  • OSU Basketball has a couple marquee match-ups during the next month. We’ll be taking a look at the team and their chances against North Carolina and Florida.
  • What OSU footballers are finalists for what awards, and their chances to win them.
  • Lots of Troy Smith stuff
  • We’re still in awe of what Joe Paterno has done this year. We’re still going to make fun of him.
  • … and much more

Hopefully you’ll stick around and enjoy the show.


  1. Michigan grad here who likes reading this blog for the enemy perspective, you guys do good job. Plus, bonus Blue Jackets coverage! I guess all of you aren’t evil…

    PS Go Bruins.

  2. UM96 – thanks for the kind words. We appreciate readers from both sides of the border.


  1. […] The college football regular season is ending this Saturday and we will soon find out the opponent for the Buckeyes in the National Championship Game. Also, we are more than a week removed from the Michigan game and Buckeye fans are coming down from the high, as Kaiser said. As a fan of the Buckeyes or a sports fan in general, there is still a lot to be excited about as we begin the six week build up to Glendale. The national championship ticket lottery has started for faculty, staff, and students. Sean, @ the 614, discusses his frustration with the process, sorry about your luck Sean. The Troy Smith college football award season is just around the corner. The bowl season begins soon. The who’s #2 debate will continue for another week (and probably beyond). Oh yeah, and there is another #1 team in Columbus, Ohio. In the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll the Basketball Buckeyes are ranked #1, marking only the 3rd time ever and the first time in 33 years that a football and basketball team from the same university are both ranked #1. (H/T Columbus Dispatch). […]

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