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OSU LogoThe college football regular season is ending this Saturday and we will soon find out the opponent for the Buckeyes in the National Championship Game. Also, we are more than a week removed from the Michigan game and Buckeye fans are coming down from the high, as Kaiser said. As a fan of the Buckeyes or a sports fan in general, there is still a lot to be excited about as we begin the six week build up to Glendale. The national championship ticket lottery has started for faculty, staff, and students. Sean, @ the 614, discusses his frustration with the process, sorry about your luck Sean. The Troy Smith college football award season is just around the corner. The bowl season begins soon. The who’s #2 debate will continue for another week (and probably beyond). Oh yeah, and there is another #1 team in Columbus, Ohio. In the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll the Basketball Buckeyes are ranked #1, marking only the 3rd time ever and the first time in 33 years that a football and basketball team from the same university are both ranked #1. (H/T Columbus Dispatch).

In my opinion, the ranking is a credit to the brilliant recruiting job by Thad Matta. It is too early to tell if the ranking is justified; however, there is no questioning that the team has talent and it is nice to be recognized for it. Undoubtedly the #1 ranking will bounce around to a few different teams throughout the season, but as for now the Buckeyes are kings of the college football and basketball worlds.

The Buckeye basketball season can be broken down into four segments: the non-conference warm-ups, the non-conference tests (with a couple of warm-ups mixed in), the Big Ten Season, and the post season. Thad Matta and his team have passed the first segment with an A, compiling a 6-0 record. The second segment begins tomorrow night with a battle against #6 North Carolina. The second segment, as I’m calling it, is full of games that will get the Buckeyes battle tested for a run at the Big Ten Championship and ultimately a run through March Madness. In the next month or so the Buckeyes will face UNC, Cincinnati (even in a down year should be a tough match-up), and reigning national champ Florida. Not to mention the first three games of the Big Ten season are against three of the best teams in the conference: Indiana, @ Illinois, and @ Wisconsin.

North Carolina and Florida are getting a lot of love by so called experts predictions for the Final Four and National Championship. The Buckeyes will face both teams on the road. Unfortunately, for the game against UNC tomorrow, the Buckeyes are still without Greg Oden. It is still up in the air if Oden will make his debut in time for the game against Florida.

As for Wednesday’s match-up against UNC…

Thad 5 It is no secret that Ohio State and UNC have two of the best (if not the best) recruiting classes this season. Matta’s class has been dubbed the Thad 5. On the ESPN family of networks (where the game will be televised), I have heard tomorrow’s OSU vs. UNC game hyped as such. I am excited to see how the new freshman will react in a hostile road game. There may not be national championship implications in one specific game, but in my mind this is a huge test for the development of the Thad 5.

It is time for Columbus Buckeye nation to get excited about Buckeye basketball.


  1. It also must be noted that we will play Tennesee in January, another top 25 team.

    Also There are reports out that OSU got thier 4th verbal commit officially yesterday from a gaurd out of Flint Michigan no less. These 4 recruits arent even for next year….they are for 2008 hahahaha. 3 of them are ranked by scouts as top 20 players nationally. Thad Motta is doing the unthinkable and bringing in Blue chippers to OSU…..for many years to come.

  2. Thad Matta is a bad Dude. He’s tailored this team to his style.

    Although I’m not going to lie I won’t follow them for real until after the bowl game.

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