You know what really grinds my gears? **In-State Edition

People that went to a smaller school in Ohio and feel the need to belittle the quality of education provided at The Ohio State University.

Really? Really? Is that you Case Western? Kenyon? Dennison? John Carroll? Bluffton College? Ohio Northern? Central State? Seriously?

Honestly, I only hear this ridiculous banter from one group of students located in a tiny little slice of Americana named Oxford.

This is a serious question…and it normally takes center stage every year that OSU plays Miami in football. This was not one of those years, but I ran across a message board with a Redhawk mouthbreather pumping up his school and dogging big brother…for no apparent reason…

Is there any Miami of Ohio student in their right mind that would consider Miami(OH) to be a better school than Ohio State for any reasons other than the following:

1. The Greek system is like totally crescent fresh…brahhh

2. The campus is really really pretty

What programs of the 12-15 that are offered at Miami are better than Ohio State’s?

*crickets chirping*

I’m all ears, because there isnt a ranking system (maybe The Onion has one that I dont know about) out there that would put Miami above OSU in any academic program…to my knowledge. I know this may offend some of our readers, but let’s be realistic here. Attending Miami is like being a member at a country club for 4-5 years. The grounds are immaculate. Your level of financial well-being (ie Greek or non-Greek) will determine your social status at the club, and instead of playing golf and go to classes…

I may be a little off base here, but…per usual…I just dont care…

Dont worry Miami fan there is one thing that Miami is considerably better than OSU in…Hockey…for now.