That thing is operational!

We all knew that after the New Mexico State game that Pryor was injured. It was mentioned more than once that he was running on gimpy wheels, whether it be a bum ankle or an injured knee. Yesterday it was made known (as far as I can tell, first by Pryor himself on Twitter) that Pryor had undergone arthroscopic surgery on his right knee.

Here’s the scary thing: On a gimpy leg, Terrelle Pryor went out against Oregon in the Rose Bowl and had the best statistical performance of his Buckeye career, winning the MVP of the game and setting the Buckeyes up for a run in 2010. All on a busted wheel.

Now that the mental aspect of the game is coming in to focus for Terrelle, imagine what he’s going to do now that he’s at 100% physically. It should be enough to keep Big Ten coaches up at night.