Holiday Weekend Open Thread

FootballOSU LogoOSU FootballCavaliersBrownsIt’s been quiet around these parts recently, mostly due to heavy workloads and blogger burn-out, but…

There’s a lot going on and a lot to talk about. Hopefully everyone’s holidays were enjoyable and the loot haul was plentiful. What did Santa bring all you?

Are you ready for some football?! – We’ve got a ton of sports going on this weekend. the Non-New Year’s Day Bowls are in full-force now, with the Big Ten’s first appearance as Wisconsin represents the hopes of Big Ten fans at the Champs Sports Bowl. Can Wisconsin out-muscle and run over the Seminoles? I’m not hopeful, but who knows. It’d be a great way to start the Bowl Season. (I know it started last week, but I don’t recognize any bowl with a name like “magicJACK St. Petersburg Bowl.”

Movin’ on Up – “… just cause it’s a theme song don’t make it not true.” We haven’t talked much about the Basketball Buckeyes here, but that’s not for lack of things to talk about. They’re off to a 9-0 start and are talking on a West Virginia team lead by Bob Huggins this after noon. The Buckeyes miss David Lighty, but this should still be a great game.

Witness – Speaking of basketball, how about those Cavaliers? I wasn’t blown away by the Mo Williams trade earlier this year, but now I’m a believer. This is the best Cavs team I can remember, and they’re just getting better. Two games upcoming with the rejuvenated Miami Heat should tell us a lot about this team.

Dumb and Dumberer – Whether you’re a Browns or a Bengals fan, have you given up yet? Did you give up eight weeks ago? Will you watch the final game? I’ll be on the road tomorrow during the Browns game, but I’ll be smiling if they beat the hated Steelers.

Monkey and me – We aren’t totally slacking off. We’re working on a handful of posts for next week, leading up to the Fiesta Bowl. I’m not feeling the excitement of bowl seasons past, so I’m hoping the next week or so will get the juices flowing once again. Go Bucks!

Let Brady Play!!

We don’t talk Brownie football as much as I’d like around here, but I was floored to hear that Brady Quinn will be taking over the role of starting QB for the Cleveland Browns.

I stand with the majority of Browns fans who honestly gave Anderson the benefit of the doubt after a slow start, but the pick-six he threw yesterday was the proverbial straw. I have nothing against Anderson, he seems like a solid guy, but I am excited to see what Brady can do. I just wonder if this is the right move. We’ll find out soon enough.

I, for one, welcome our new Brady Quinn Overlords.

I’ve always hated John Elway…

BrownsOSU FootballAnd it turns out, if I was five or six years older, I would have hated him even earlier:

Ohio State had the ball & looked to be driving for the winning score or at least running out the clock. Facing 2nd & 12 from the Stanford 27-yard line with just 1:38 to play, Tomczak tried to hit Williams in the end zone but the tipped pass was intercepted by Stanford S Charles Hutchings. Bruce took the blame for the play call that gave the ball back to the Cardinal. Four completions later, including a 35-yarder to Harry had the ball at the Ohio State 18-yard line. When Elway rolled to his right, Harry went to the left corner of the end zone. Elway turned & threw back across the field to the wide-open Harry for the winning score.

Via “This Date In College Football Belt History — September 25” from The College Football Belt

Let the Brady Quinn era begin

BrownsQuinn and the Browns have agreed to a deal. ‘Bout time.

I know a lot of Buckeye fans don’t hold Brady Quinn in high regard. That’s fine. But now that he’s a Brown, I am giving him a second chance. (See also: Kellen Winslow, Jr; Braylon Edwards; Jamaal Lewis)

2007 NFL Draft, Cleveland Browns Perspective

BrownsNow let’s take a look at the draft from the perspective of an eternally hopeful Cleveland Browns fan. Again, the facts first:

First Round
3(3) Joe Thomas OT WISCONSIN
22(22) Brady Quinn QB NOTRE DAME
Second Round
21(53) Eric Wright CB NEVADA LAS VEGAS
Fifth Round
3(140) Brandon McDonald CB MEMPHIS
Sixth Round
26(200) Melila Purcell DE HAWAII
Seventh Round
3(213) Chase Pittman DE LSU
24(234) Syndric Steptoe RS ARIZONA

As the draft got closer to actually happening, I had come to grips with the fact that the Browns would probably use the 3rd pick to grab Brady Quinn as the QB of the future. In fact, by about 12:30 on Saturday, I was down-right excited about it. With targets like Sergeant Winslow and Braylon “I can’t catch a fourth-down pass” Edwards, I was giddy with the possibilities of a gun slinger like Quinn under center. Couple that with the moves the Browns did before the draft (picking up Steinbach and Lewis, dropping dead weight like Droughns) and I was ready to be proud of my Brownies once again.

Then they took Joe Thomas with the third pick and I was despondent. Not that Thomas won’t be a good addition to a struggling offensive line, he just wasn’t the sexy first round pick. I was so bummed out that I didn’t feel like watching the draft anymore. I went out and started mowing the lawn. I came back in a couple hours later and the Mrs. informs me that the Browns are picking again. That didn’t sound right, but she mentions something about a deal going down with Dallas and that Cleveland would be drafting for a second time, and Quinn was still available. Wow, that was quite a turn of events. Two first round picks, two picks that should turn out to be integral parts of the Browns offense immediately. Color me excited.

I won’t even pretend to know anything about the other picks, but the Browns are looking good for 2007. They gave up a lot to get Quinn, but I don’t think it was too much. When asked about it, Phil Savage made a great point. The Browns needed a QB. They could pick one up this year or wait and use their first round pick next year. They took a chance and they’ll get a one year head start with Quinn. Things are looking up for the Browns.