I’ve always hated John Elway…

BrownsOSU FootballAnd it turns out, if I was five or six years older, I would have hated him even earlier:

Ohio State had the ball & looked to be driving for the winning score or at least running out the clock. Facing 2nd & 12 from the Stanford 27-yard line with just 1:38 to play, Tomczak tried to hit Williams in the end zone but the tipped pass was intercepted by Stanford S Charles Hutchings. Bruce took the blame for the play call that gave the ball back to the Cardinal. Four completions later, including a 35-yarder to Harry had the ball at the Ohio State 18-yard line. When Elway rolled to his right, Harry went to the left corner of the end zone. Elway turned & threw back across the field to the wide-open Harry for the winning score.

Via “This Date In College Football Belt History — September 25” from The College Football Belt


  1. “Me fail English? That’s unpossible.”

    Great link, but holy cow do they need an editor. 😉

  2. Damn, I hate that guy… He’s ruined many of my days… Poor Brownies
    I guess this is another one i didn’t need to know about.
    If I were to have a corncob eating contest it would definitely involve Elway (Big Chompers) against Nancy Kerrigan.

  3. i was at this game. still pain to this day. elway killed us all day long. between that and the loss to stanford/plunkett in 1970?, i have hated stanford ever since

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