Let the Brady Quinn era begin

BrownsQuinn and the Browns have agreed to a deal. ‘Bout time.

I know a lot of Buckeye fans don’t hold Brady Quinn in high regard. That’s fine. But now that he’s a Brown, I am giving him a second chance. (See also: Kellen Winslow, Jr; Braylon Edwards; Jamaal Lewis)


  1. I was always fighting with kids at my school about Notre Dame and tOSU, and I always insulted Brady, but I love that he’s on our side now. I’m still with my boy Frye as he’s straight out of Akron, like some family members. If you don’t hold Charlie Frye in high regard try to find his touchdown pass to Kellen Winslow against the Jets last year, it was fantastic.

  2. If anything, Quinn’s ND squad was overmatched for most of the past 2 years on the college scene. I think he’ll be a better pro than people think and may end up better than JaMarcus Russell…shit, I guarantee that one.

    Warning: comment comes from a Browns fan!

  3. I hate it when you guys talk about Cleveland Sports. It being Brady Quinn only makes it worse.

  4. Worse than talking about Cleveland sports is not talking about Buckeye Football. Gimme some of that sweet, sweet Men of The Scarlet and Gray action. Please.

  5. Dude it has been a week. Where is the latest countdown, give us a damn countdown.

  6. @The Turk – I’m not hating on Frye. If he can get the job done, I’m down with him. But I’m excited about what Quinn can do.

    @OhEssYou – We’ve got your sweet sweet MotSaG action coming up very soon!

    @Zach – Aye, aye captain!

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