Buckeyes Take A Business Trip To Piscataway

The Ohio State Buckeyes are taking a trip to Piscataway without their star player, Chase Young, who will be sitting out for a second game after the NCAA determined that missing those along with paying off the loan would be sufficient enough punishment and that matter is now officially resolved.

Looking ahead, the Buckeyes will travel to New Jersey and they will face a struggling team before Young officially returns for a pair of rivalry games, with Penn State at home and afterwards, it will be rivalry week with a contest against their most bitter rival at Ann Arbor against The Team Up North, but lets focus on the task at hand against the Scarlet Knights.

The Rutgers fired former Buckeyes secondary coach Chris Ash after a four-year run, finishing with an 8-32 overall record. Nunzio Campanile will be the Interim Head Coach for the time being and he will attempt to lead his 2-6 team against a red-hot Ohio State team and it might be more than what they bargained for, but that cannot be helped at the moment.

Buckeye Chase Young in pursuit of Jack Coan.

Young Bucks

With a couple of key starters missing due to a combination of injury and a suspension, Zach Harrison, Javonte Jean-Baptiste, Tyreke Smith, and Tyler Friday will be primed for some valuable playing in the absence of a few starters in Chase Young, Baron Browning, and Jonathon Cooper. As we all witnessed last week against Maryland, the impending loss of Chase Young won’t be as bad as we all think because the future is in capable hands with this new group. The current level of talented personnel on this defense is amazing, but the reserves are proving their worth and they will once again jockey in the absence of starters to earn praise and a leg-up on next year’s positional competition. This defense has been playing well and they will look to take this tune-up game against a bad Rutgers team.

Fields getting the ball off before getting hit by a Bearcat defender.

Torrid Offensive Output

The Buckeyes offense runs through Justin Fields and with him at the helm this game against Rutgers could be a breeze in the eyes of a casual fan. I applaud confidence but that brings bad things, but this year’s team is focused and on a mission and I believe they will not play down to their opponents level. I do it believe that, but I will let things work itself out. Justin Fields has a total of 37 touchdowns this season and he has 27 through the air and 10 on the ground. He does tend to hold the ball too long and that has been 18 times this season, but he makes good decisions on the fly so it isn’t too bad. This game will most likely end with him playing a half, but we will see how it shakes out. Back-up Chugs will have his time to shine in front of his family and friends and he could be in line for a half to do so.

Dobbins celebrating after another score.

Dobbins Road To Immortality

J.K. Dobbins is the lone #2 standing at he also has been a threat to the opposing defenses for this entire season. After calling his 2018 season a failure while sharing the load with Mike Weber, Dobbins had 1,053 yards and 10 touchdowns on the ground. This season through nine games, he has 1,200 yards and 11 scores with a little under 100 yards and another score. He is just entered the top ten in the Buckeyes all-time list and he will continue to climb as he encroaches into the top five in school history. If he is used in close games, if there is ever a close game, he can potentially get into the top four, but even if he doesn’t play a full game, he is still in great company. Like Fields, stats don’t matter and that is fine. A group of shiny trophies has been the goal and I don’t see him jeopardizing their mission for selfish reasons.

Jonah Jackson, former Rutgers Captain and current Buckeye Slob.

The Return of Jonah Jackson

The former Rutgers All-American is coming back in a new uniform and he has carved out a role on this nasty offensive line squad that has been abusing opposing defenses so far this season. He has been reliable even after it seemed as he would be the penalty scapegoat, but he has fixed the issues and as a unit, they have punished teams and imposed their will on them in the process. This will be a homecoming of sorts, but they will be ready to do what they always do. Barring the 18 sacks that were surrendered, they will continue to be the barrier between Fields and Dobbins and the opposing defense.

Match-Ups To Watch

  • Fields, Dobbins, and Receivers versus The Rutgers Defense
  • Jackson and the Slobs versus The Rutgers front seven
  • Chugs and the Backups versus The Rutgers starters and reserves


Buckeyes defeat Rutgers 62-0.

The Maryland Terrapins VS The Ohio State Buckeyes

Friday morning could have been better, but we are a day away until game time! What seems like to be a constant thing when considering Ohio State, there is always something that comes up to snuff out the momentum and it is usually is accompanied by something negative and whats are the words I am searching for… a conspiracy-laden narrative that will at least attempt to bring them back down to Earth. It what seems to be another strategically timed “article” where it was reported that Chase Young accepted money and that he is suspended for this contest as a minimum pending investigation from the Ohio State Compliance Office. Yay and boo, but all we have to do is wait for the process to wind down and just hope they get it right this time. Whatever happens, does so and I will not waste my breath with the situation.

This game is all about continuing the momentum into the last half of the season and against a once-promising Maryland squad will be the obstacle for the Buckeyes this week. Their opponent was leading the nation in scoring through the first two weeks of the season, but they have faded into obscurity and have limped forward to a 3-6 record through this point of the season. With the Buckeyes being without their defensive stalwart, Chase Young, the Buckeyes will look toward this contest without him, but they have the depth to survive without him. This defense has been stellar with him and without him–I think they’ll be fine, but we will have to see for now.

Buckeyes swarming defense.

Young Bucks Golden Opportunity

As we stated before, Chase Young is out and it will be up to a few younger players to step up and earn their keep for the foreseeable future until Young gets back from his recent suspension. With the Next man up mantra enter Zach Harrison and Tyreke Smith to fill the void for the time being. As we have seen after the game has been put away, the aforementioned two along with Javonte Jean-Baptiste and Tyler Friday have been key members among the Rushmen and they can get some playing time and be disruptive. Defensive Captain Jonathan Cooper will lead this group and he has Davon Hamilton and BB Landers will also help along with their reserves Tommy Togiai and Garrett Haskel too. These younger players have the benefit of learning behind such a talented group of upperclassmen and a great group of leaders on the defensive side of the ball. It is an opportunity to see what the future will look like, but I have a feeling it’ll be good. The once fast offense will have a hard time blocking so many talented players, but I know they’ll be ready for the challenge.

Malik Harrison breaking through.

Defensive Effort

Malik Harrison will have to provide the same spark that Darron Lee created during his breakout season at Ohio State. The Linebackers have willed recent teams to success and he needs to be more of a dog from here on out. He needs to blitz, cover and be disruptive enough while directing his forces to fill the void against a once lethal and fast Terps offense. Communication will be key with the defensive linemen and the defensive back, and my gut tells me they’ll be ready to silence the critics without their star players. The Wisconsin game proved what the team could be with Young and this game will prove that they’ll be fine without them for however long it’ll be or take for the investigation to be over. Best case scenario, he’s out for a single game. Worst case, it’ll be two with Rutgers on the schedule, but I think the compliance department will mess it up again. I am a pessimist, but I can see it going south, but the defense will continue to shine during his absence. The last contest between the two ended in a double-overtime contest where the Buckeyes nearly took the L with an errant throw on a two-point, game-clinching pass to a wide-open receiver that sailed out of reach. The Buckeyes will look to redeem themselves and further prove that they are legit, even without Young.

Fields dodging a would-be tackler.

Field Of Dreams

Justin Fields has been on a tear lately, but after last week’s destruction of Wisconsin, he gave the team and their fans a scare when he came up hobbled after scoring a rushing touchdown. Luckily it wasn’t serious, but Fields is definitely capable of leading the charge on the offensive side of the ball. With another great group of wide receivers and the recent inclusion of their tight ends, they can put the game out of reach and give the defense some juice in the process. In another great year for a quarterback, Fields brings a lot for this offense and he leads them in a calmly and with his play. He will be ready for this contest to show his value to this offense. This is another noon game, but the Buckeyes will pour it on Maryland and former player Keiondre Jones. Welcome back to the Shoe, but buckle up.

Dobbins rumbling through the Spartan defense.

Boom Boom Room

Ohio State has had quite a few playmakers at running back and the “boom, boom room” is always capable of causing fireworks during the perfect time on gamedays. This week is no different and this porous defense is no exception. This defense is bad and without a consistent defense, they will most likely get tore up against this stable of backs that features a young muscle hamster, J.K. Dobbins, a young beast mode clone, Master Teague and mystery man, Marcus Crowley, who gets carries late but has flashed brilliance in limited action. They also have a speedy back Demario McCall, who is also used sparingly but he could be used as a weapon. There is a lot and there is also Jaelin Gill, who is the backup H-Back, who might be used, but I think is en-route to a redshirt. This room is stacked and with the recent misses in the running back position, the future is still bright despite the lack of a 2020 recruit.

Match-Ups To Watch

  • Fields vs Maryland Secondary
  • Buckeyes Linebackers vs Terrapin Playmakers
  • Buckeyes Backs vs Maryland Defense


The Ohio State Buckeyes defeat the Maryland Terrapins 45-6.

Rumble In The ‘Bus: Badgers vs. Buckeyes

We are midway through the 2019 season, this game was circled in red from the beginning it will still be a good old slobber knocker of a contest. Although the game has lost the interest of the nation after Wisconsin went down in Champagne, this game will still generate the hype and the fireworks to make it another instant classic between two powers of the Big Ten. An undefeated Buckeye squad against an angry or wounded Badger team, but if someone said that it has lost its luster, they have it all wrong. Every occurrence has been close ever since the inaugural College Football Playoffs run, but this has all the inner makings of another classic clash between two conference powerhouses. Will we see a reeling Wisconsin team still at a loss for the after falling from the undefeated ranks or will they be a grounded, angry team vying for an upset? This is the line in the sand and if the Buckeyes are looking for a CFB Playoff berth, they need to play disciplined to come out of this clash still undefeated.

J.K. Dobbins bursting through the Cincinnati for the score

Ground Wars: J.K. Dobbins

This will be a battle of will in the trenches and Dobbins is one of the warriors on this team that has to show up. He has to be effective and he has to punish the Badger defenders in such poor conditions with the weather potentially being a factor. Dobbins has been on a tear as of late and he has to shine early and often against this stingy Badger defense that surrenders just 2.3 yards per rush. So far, Dobbins has 134 carries for 947 yards and 7 TDs. He also chipped in 8 grabs for 55 yards and 2 TDs, but this game should be a battle for ground supremacy. The Buckeyes have been balanced and it will be a key part of the gameplan. They can’t afford to play scared and it will be up to Fields along with Dobbins to bring the team to victory.

Jonathan Taylor turning on the jets for a score

Ground Wars: Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor is the other side of the ground war and he has been quite the player for the Badgers. They have relied on him to produce and he racked up 157 carries for 15 scores and he chipped in 11 catches for 73 yards and a score. He accounts for the majority of offense and the Buckeyes have to play the gaps while being mindful of the play-action pass to stop Taylor and the Badgers. Coan and Taylor play well together, but they will look to run first to pound the Buckeyes into submission. They both got beat up pretty bad against a lowly Illini team, but they will look to expose the back seven in this matchup. With Arnette dealing with a broken bone on his hand and with Borland in tow, they could look to soften up the zone with a mix of run and pass, and a steady dose of it. Like the Badger defense, the Buckeyes are also stingy on the ground averaging 2.6 yards per rush–which is literally .3 more than Wisconsin’s average. This game could turn out to be another Big Ten signature game with both if not a single team pounding the rock relentlessly.

Justin Fields weaving through the trenches

Soaked Fields Day

Justin Fields has also been on a tear and he has been one of the stars of this offensive attack. A humble leader with no ego has launched the Buckeyes into another stratosphere and with the impending weather, the Buckeyes could face a huge test with a stiff defense. He will look to flash his arm when necessary, but he will play a factor on the ground. He has 1,492 yards and 22 TDs through the air and 63 carries for 291 yards and 8 more TDs and he has done it with just two turnovers. One interception and one lost fumble are all that have blemished his stellar play and with the weather concerns, it looks to be a conservative approach to secure a win. Either way, I think he will find a way to spark this offense even though if it continues to take the ball out of his hands via Dobbins and Teague to soften up and tire the Wisconsin defense. He hasn’t faced a defense like this, but he will approach it like any other game, but if he wanted to make a statement, he would need to show the nation that they are real and that they are a force to be reckoned with this year. This might be his shot to impress and make a statement.

Young Guns

Chase Young and his team have been stingy and he will look to battle this stout Badger line. The big uglies versus the Rushmen and the Linebackers will be the focus and it will be electric with the weather. The advantage is being the home team, but against Wisconsin, it might get rough. They rank 3rd in the nation in sacks per game with 4.14 and 29 total for the year. It’ll be tough against a team that ranks tied for 30th in the nation with 1.43 sacks allowed per game, but they’ll be game to see where they stand. They need to play disciplined and with Taylor, they need to shut him down and force Coan to beat them through the air in order to have their way this game.

Pesky Badgers Defense

On the other side, the Badgers have also been stingy and they rank in the Top 10 in defense this season. Besides the upset loss in Champagne, they have been playing lights out and they have been disruptive and they force takeaways. They need to do both of these to see if Fields will fight or if he will crumble under pressure. The Ohio State line has surrenders 2 sacks per game that puts them tied for 64th in the nation which could be a problem, but we will have to see how much the weather plays a factor. If it pours, running will be the primary weapon, but if not, they need to stop an explosive and shift Fields and his receivers. This may be a cliche, but this game feels like an old-school Big Ten type of game.

Match-Ups To Watch:

  • Quarterbacks versus Opposing Defenses
  • Running Backs versus The Trenches
  • Offensive Lines versus Defensive Lines
  • Buckeye DB’s versus Badger WR’s
  • Wisconsin WR’s versus Buckeye DB’s


The Ohio State Buckeyes defeat The Wisconsin Badgers 38-21.

The Ohio State Buckeyes @ The Northwestern Wildcats

Ohio State Buckeyes (6-0, Big 10 3-0) vs Northwestern Wildcats (1-4, Big 10 0-3)

The Ohio State Buckeyes will travel to Evanston, Illinois in a rematch of the 2018 Big Ten Championship from a season ago. Both teams clawed and fought, but the two teams that will face-off on Friday as two re-built teams on two different paths with Ohio State having success under a new coach and a Northwestern team that is limping through the season.

The success was evitable for Ohio State under Coach Day and the rebuilt offense along with his new players have meshed well and had consistently beat up on every opponent up until this point. With a new quarterback, new batch of receivers and a semi-new offensive line, many questioned if they can succeed under new management. So far so good for the Buckeyes.

After the conference title game, the hangover with the Wildcats has been evident and after Thorson departed for the NFL, their offense has been less explosive and their defense has been average at best. With just a single win, the Wildcats have pulled out all the stops to ensure this is a close, hard-fought game in a night game and with an alternate uniform to spice things up a bit. It is awesome, but they need to come out swinging to derail this Buckeye train.

Justin Fields shedding defender.

Another Field-s Day?

Justin Fields has been as good as advertised, but he still has untapped potential when he is dialed in. In the passing game, he has 1,298 passing yards and 18 TDs for the year. He has completed 70% of his passes and he has a 94 QBR through six games. He also chipped in 57 rushes for a respectable 283 yards with 8 TDs. He has been shouldering the offensive load when called to do so, but he has that game-breaking knack to swing the momentum at a moment’s notice which should and will concern Coach Fitz and his team. Can they find a way to disrupt the offense and stop the offensive attack? Or will they fight until he puts the game away early?

J.K. Dobbins in the 2018 Big Ten Championship Game.

Ground Game Dominance

Like Fields, Dobbins has also been on a tear on the ground and he has yet to play meaningful snaps in the second half of a game this year, and it doesn’t look like it’ll change with this porous Northwestern defense. With 116 rushes, he has amassed 826 yards on the ground and 6 TDs and he added 6 catches for 44 yards and a score. The Wildcat defense needs to play better than they have been in order to stop Dobbins and his stablemates in the backfield. As stated above, Dobbins hasn’t played in a close game in the second half, but if they show some fight, he may get a shot to pad his stats and grind the defense into the ground.

Big Ten Championship Game.

Trench Warfare 2.0

The Buckeye offensive line has been more consistent in recent years and with this installment, they will be looking to find a way to stop Joe Gaziano. Gaziano, along with the Northwestern defense made it a game and kept it close, but with this season’s offensive line, he’ll need to be more relentless to disrupt this group who found their swagger as a unit. They have been burying teams in the trenches and this game could be another blowout if they can get things going early and often. This defense really needs to work on their gameplan, but they have to pick their poison.

Northwestern Wildcats QB Hunter Johnson.

Fallen Five-Star

The former five-star Quarterback Hunter Johnson transferred to Northwestern after the departure of Clayton Thorston and the transition hasn’t been as smooth as another fellow five-star signal-caller, Justin Fields. Justin Fields has been on a tear and is having a breakthrough season. Johnson has had the opposite and his offense has been struggling. They haven’t been as crisp and as good as before, but all players, regardless of high school rankings are different in their growth within their offense and in the way they develop. He is still rough around the edges, but the potential is certainly there and it hasn’t clicked yet.

The Great Defensive Chase

Chase Young has been keying in on the hapless offensive players on opposing teams and this game, he should be feasting on Hunter Johnson and the running backs. Young has accounted for 8 of the 28 and the Northwestern line has surrendered 12 total sacks and they have been giving up 2.40 per game. This number could be higher with the caliber of Rushmen available with Young leading the way. Not to mention the Linebackers, they will also be another tough matchup for this offensive line. The defense has been stout and they are one of the best in the nation. It will be a tough sell, but we will have to see if they can stop Young and company.

Key Matchups To Watch

  • Fields versus Johnson In The Battle of Former Five-Stars
  • The Trenches For Both Teams
  • BIA versus Northwestern Receivers
  • Linebackers versus Receivers In The Seams
  • Special Teams and Field Position


The Ohio State Buckeyes defeat The Northwestern Wildcats 45-13.

MOTSAG Conference Rankings: Week Five

After five weeks of action, our Big Ten rankings have shifted slightly and the contests will be more competitive with the bulk of the conference schedule being the only thing left on the docket for each team.  Week five answered a ton of questions for some and the rest, there are more questions left than answers.  Let’s take a stab at how the conference represented itself.

  1.  Ohio State:  The Buckeyes played on the road at Lincoln, which is usually a nightmare for opposing teams.  The Buckeyes puffed out their chests and dominated the home team and did so by showing their prowess in every phase of the game.  The offense dazzled and the defense shut down the offense and the performance broke the proverbial tie with Wisconsin to be the best team in the conference and possibly one of the best in the nation.  [Next Game:  Michigan State at home]
  2. Wisconsin:  Wisconsin’s defense scored twice against a scrappy Evanston crowd before pulling away.  Northwestern is normally a great team at home, but the offense is virtually broken right now, but hats off to them for giving the Badgers a contest.  Either way, the Badgers fall one spot, but they have a tune-up match with Kent State before traveling to the Shoe, so they can gain a head of steam for the eventual clash for conference supremacy [Next game:  Kent State at home]
  3. Penn State:  Penn State looked dangerous once again after they traveled to Maryland to throttle them 59-0.  Their quarterback nearly had 400 yards passing, but he was pulled to give the second unit some time.  The defense looked fresh after the bye and the Terrapins stood no chance to compete in this game.  [Next game:  Purdue at home]
  4. Iowa:  Iowa was their normal self as they handled a mismatched Middle Tennessee State team 48-3 at home.  A tune-up game that is used to work out the kinks before traveling to Ann Arbor where it pits two conference heavyweights against each other in a knock-out bout.  Iowa has yet to be tested, but this could be it.  [Next game:  Michigan at Ann Arbor]
  5. Michigan:  Speaking of the Wolverines, they handed Rutgers a beatdown to get back on track with a 52-0 throttling against a struggling team.  A tune-up before Iowa, the Wolverines looked bad before this display of what they can be.  Was it another mirage?  Either way, they have some momentum coming into the next game.  Are they legit or pretenders?  [Next game:  Iowa at home]
  6. Michigan State:  The Spartans fought a tightly contested game against an upset-minded Indiana team at home.  The final score showed that their offense is average, but it also proved their defense is legit.  The 40-31 score does not change my mind, but if they want to be successful, their offense must be as consistent as their defense.  [Next game:  Ohio State at Columbus]
  7. Minnesota:  They look dangerous after they escaped West Lafayette with a single-digit win against Purdue.  Their offense looks crazy good with two game-changing receivers that this young quarterback relies heavily on upon.  Their defense played well and they need to keep the momentum in order to climb the charts.  [Next game:  Illinois at home]
  8. Indiana:  They took Michigan State to the limit and gave it all in the upset bid.  This is what I was talking about because they are a 50/50 type of team.  You never know what team will suit up and if they will punch you in the mouth with their offense.  They showed fight up until the end and they can always surprise teams.  [Next game:  Bye week]
  9. Northwestern:  They also put up a fight at home against a good Wisconsin team that relied on its defense to put points on the board.  The only issue is their offense needs to be better.  Their defense is always disciplined and good, but consistency is what bites them.  [Next game:  Nebraska at Lincoln]
  10. Nebraska:  They were throttled at home against a great Ohio State team, but they showed enough fight to not plummet in the rankings.  They negated the shutout with a great drive against the second-team defense, but they need to rebound at home against another team that suffered a loss in week five.  Turnover have killed the momentum, but another home game in front of their home crowd will help in what could be another sloppy game.  [Next game:  Northwestern at home]
  11. Illinois:  They were on a bye week, but they needed it after collapsing at home against Nebraska.  They had a double-digit lead that disappeared before the Cornhuskers stole the game from them.  Their offense looked good early on, but they got too cute with the playcalling opting to pass more instead of running out the clock.  They had two weeks to prepare for their next game, hope it works out.  [Next game:  Minnesota at Minneapolis]
  12. Maryland:  The hype train has been derailed five weeks into the season.  They were demolished at home at the hands of Penn State and they need to search for their identity.  59-0 was another bad omen to humble the Terrapins that were in the top 2 in scoring in the nation after two weeks.  This week they can regain their footing to right the ship.  [Next game:  Rutgers at Piscataway]
  13. Purdue:  Purdue fought, but in a close loss, they lost two of their best playmakers in Sindelar and Moore.  Their best quarterback along with the best playmaker went down on a single play and it was a bad time to be a Boilermaker fan.  It’ll get worse this week before it gets better because they will travel to Happy Valley to go against a peaking Penn State team.  [Next game:  Penn State at Happy Valley]
  14. Rutgers:  They lost big to a rejuvenated Michigan squad that found their offense again and they lost 52-0.  Their head coach Chris Ash and their offensive coordinator got the pink slip and they have an interim head coach in place to pick up the pieces.  Good thing they have a struggling Maryland team to play at home, but bad news, none of them scored points in week five.  Who will be able to score enough and who will play inspired football?  [Next game:  Maryland at home]

The Ohio State Buckeyes (5-0, Big Ten 2-0) defeated The Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-2, Big Ten 1-1)

Justin Fields takes his team away from the confines of Columbus and journeys to Lincoln, Nebraska for just their second road game of the season and on paper, the Cornhuskers looked to make it a contest, but it was not meant to be.  The Buckeyes began with electing to receive the ball in the second half and during Nebraska’s first drive, Jeffrey Okudah set the tone by picking off Martinez during their first drive of the game.  Wan’dale Robinson, the talent equivalent to Rondale Moore was the intended target but the ultra-athletic Okudah lunged in front of his blanketed assignment and made a momentum-swinging play.

Prior to last week, Okudah has not had an interception but last week against Miami (OH) he got the first of his career.  Flash forward into week five, he added two more with the aforementioned pick on the first drive of the game and the last one on the third Nebraska possession of the game, where Robinson was targeted once again, but his outstretched hands tipped the pass to a lying Okudah, who was on his back waiting for another gift from Martinez.  Okudah had two of the three picks of the game and the third pick came because of the pressure from Chase Young and Jonathan Cooper, who forced an errant pass that ended up in Jordan Fuller’s hands.

The Rushmen played well and generated a lot of pressure that forced Frost to travel back in time to use a few of his mid-90’s power running plays to mix it up.  It was successful at first, but once the Buckeyes buckled down, there was no chance for them to get rid of the constant pressure.  This was by far the worst O-Line that they’ve gone against and the Silver Bullets wreaked havoc all game long.  Chase Young notched another sack to his season and it was another strip-sack that nearly resulted in another turnover, but the writing was on the wall from an opening couple of drives.

Justin Fields and his playmakers looked like a well-oiled machine and they accounted for six total touchdowns, three through the air and another three on the ground and it was another display of great preparation.  Fields starting the onslaught with a 15-yard rushing touchdown he hit K.J. Hill for a short passing touchdown on two drives later after one of two Blake Haubiel field goals.  Master Teague churned out some scores as he scored on the next two possessions.  Fields ended his night when he engineered three scoring drives where he hit Mack in traffic, a second Haubiel field goal, and another corner catch from Garrett Wilson before his night ended.

Although Dobbins failed to score, he had another impactful game as he racked up 24 carries for 177 yards and a healthy 7.4 average and a long of 26.  Teague spelled Dobbins and had 12 carries for 77 yards and a 6.4 average and a long of 26.  Not to be outdone, Fields finished 15/21 for 212 yards and three scores and he had 12 rushes for 72 yards and another score with a long of 41 yards.  This offense can put up video game numbers, but they have not been tested yet through five weeks, but that could change against a stout and stingy Spartan defense next week.  Actually, the next four weeks have the Buckeyes at home against Sparty, a bye week before traveling to Evanston in a conference championship rematch with Northwestern, before clashing with a potent Wisconsin team in Columbus.

The road ahead will surely be prove-it games, but let’s take it a week at a time.  So far the Buckeyes have exceeded expectations and so far they have been nearly unstoppable.  The defense has been stellar as well, but Nebraska and Indiana are fringe offenses that are not as consistent.  The same thing can be said for Michigan State, but their defense is legit and they could give the Slobs issues.  They are physical and aggressive, but next week will be used to make another statement to the conference and the nation.

The Ohio State Buckeyes (4-0, Big Ten 1-0) VS The Nebraska Cornhuskers (3-1, Big Ten 1-0)

This Saturday, in prime time, the Buckeyes will travel to Lincoln to take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers in what could become a high scoring affair.  Both teams are more than capable of lighting up the scoreboard and tomorrow night they will square off under the lights in a conference matchup.  A dominant Ohio State team that has played at home in three out of the four past games and they are playing lights out with few, if any weaknesses.  Nebraska has split home and away games, winning two of the three contests, with the lone loss coming at Colorado in an overtime heartbreaker.

Prime Time:  Day vs Frost

Two up-and-comers in the coaching realm that plunged into a leadership role as their respective teams Head Coach.  Scott Frost is in his second season in Lincoln after rebuilding UCF to a fringe competitor and potential Playoff Darkhorse.  In two seasons he holds a 7-9 record.  In 2018 he finished 4-8 and in 2019 he claims a 3-1 with the lone loss coming on the road against the Colorado Buffaloes in a hard-fought overtime thriller.

On the other side of the field, Ryan Day is the heir to the Ohio State throne and in his first four games, he has his team motivated and they look dangerous early on.  He is 4-0 and he is looking to forward to a big-time night road game against Nebraska.  Up to this point, he has his team looking unbeatable, but this feels like another statement-making type of game in primetime with the nation watching.

This is the first contest between these young coaches but Ohio State holds a 6-1 series lead and they have won four straight against Nebraska.  The lone loss to Nebraska was in 2011 against Taylor Martinez in a 34-27 loss.  This should be an easy game, but with a target on Ohio State’s and in a hostile environment, it might get interesting.

Kentucky Curse 2.0

For whoever follows recruiting closely, there are two types of players have always come back to hurt the Buckeyes in the past two.  Ohio kids that could not get that coveted home team offer and the ones that could not fit into a crowded and talent-laden recruiting class.  Two out of the three bad losses to Big Ten West teams have been painful and the only knock against the Buckeyes that have kept them out of the College Football Playoffs, at least for the last two years against less-than-stellar teams with one of these players.

Against Iowa, it was a night game at Iowa with emotion running high and they handled Ohio State in front of the whole crowd and the nation.  At Purdue, a combination of an Ohio kid who never got that coveted offer and an electric playmaker from Kentucky in Rondale Moore that could not secure a spot in the 2018 class.  Flash forward to the 2019 class, where another kid from Kentucky couldn’t get in the class either and goes to a Big Ten West school and gets to play against the Buckeyes at home.

In last weeks come from behind victory against Illinois, he racked up 186 all-purpose yards and scored three times.  He looks electric and he showed that he can be that Rondale Moore type of gadget player that could explode at any moment to shift the momentum.  The Buckeyes can put this curse to rest by bottling up Robinson and staying disciplined.  They need to come out strong and if needed, weather the storm keep him in check.

Dual-Threat Quarterback With Weapons

Nothing scares Ohio State fans like a quarterback that can do it all.  Whether it is with his arm or his leg, the dual-threat signal-callers have been able to squeak by the defense.  Adrian Martinez was recruited by Day and the Buckeyes but was never offered.  He joins Nebraska in his second year as the starter and he has the weapons to give the new-look defense fits while they are on the field.

Martinez is joined by JD Spielman and a dinged-up Maurice Washington and together they will look to test the improved Buckeye defense.  Shifty playmakers and speedy quarterbacks have always been trouble, but in the game at Illinois, they have an obvious weakness that the Buckeyes defense could exploit, the trenches.  The offense has been explosive, but they have to perfect against the Buckeyes to be competitive.  Martinez never got that offer from the Buckeyes out of high school due to an injury, so could this slight be a chip on his shoulder to will his team into a victory or to be competitive in this contest?

Silver Bullet Trench Warfare

There is no doubt that the 2019 defense has vastly improved and they have been playing lights out.  They are 4th in the nation in 3rd down defense with a stout front led by Chase Young.  They are holding opponents to a measly .231% conversion rate on 3rd downs.  They are 3rd in the nation in redzone defense allowing .545%.  The overall defense has also improved where they are 7th in the nation in rushing defense and 18th in the nation in passing defense.

They have also racked up the sack count and they have 20 total through four games and they are averaging 5 per game.  The younger Rushmen have also contributed and shined during mop-up duty showing their depth.  This Cornhusker O-Line looked average against Illinois so they could expose them early and often.  Ohio State ranks 2nd in the nation in total defense allowing 3.42 yards per play while giving up 222 yards per game.  Special Teams have also been a factor for this team, they are 1st in the nation in blocked kicks and 2nd blocked punts.  The game-changing plays have come from both the defense and the Special Teams units and they will continue to swing the momentum in their favor.

Fields’ Second Road Test

Balance has been at the forefront in this offensive attack and it seems to be working in their favor.  Justin Fields has had one of the most meteoric rises as a starter and he has compiled one heck of a season so far, but he can still improve as the season ages.   He has a combined 19 touchdowns with 13 through the air and 6 with his legs and he has looked good so far with a few things to fix.

He has leaned on his coaches and he has led his team with a killer instinct that could still be improved.  He has a few things to clean up, one would be his ability to read defenses under duress or pressure.  We saw against FAU and Indiana, when he was pressured, he overthrew his intended receivers.  He certainly could have a day, but he cannot forget about his workhorse, JK Dobbins.

Dobbins has had a heck of a season with 68 carries and 477 yards and 5 scores.  He has also chipped in for 5 receptions and 42 yards and another score.  He cannot be underutilized and I think the combination of the two, along with the playmakers at receiver and tight end can give the once feared Blackshirt defense fits and grind them down or wear them out.  The O-Line might get tested, but if they could hold up, the game may get out of hand fast.


5 Match-Ups To Watch:

  • Fields vs The Secondary
  • Slobs vs The Blackshirts
  • Rushmen vs The Cornhusker O-Line
  • BIA/Linebackers vs Spielman/Robinson/TE’s In The Seams
  • Dobbins/Teague vs Blackshirts

49-17 Ohio State defeats Nebraska.

The Ohio State Buckeyes (4-0) Defeated The Miami (OH) Redhawks (1-3)

The Ohio State Buckeyes have been on a tear as of late, but early on it looked bleak as they fell behind early 5-0.  A strip-sack that resulted in a safety and on the ensuing possession, the Redhawks drove into the red zone before kicking a field goal to give them the lead and their last points of the contest.  It certainly looked ugly and they started off slow, but they picked up steam after that wakeup call and they rattled off 76 straight points.

The Redhawks came into Columbus juiced and they played hard for nearly the entirety of the first quarter, but when the Buckeyes found their stride, there was no stopping the offensive onslaught.  Slow starts have bitten the Buckeyes on the road and to start this slow, they need to clean that up with a trip to Lincoln on the horizon and it is also their first night game of the season and their first prime time game to boot.  With road losses at night to Iowa in 2017 and to Purdue in 2018, they cannot afford to have an off start.

This game was lost after the 5-0 start and it was utter dominance at every phase of the game.  This contest was like an audition for the young and inexperienced, but the future looks pretty bright, even against a team like Miami (OH).  The starters made sure that this team will not be denied, especially at home and they dominated the rest of the first half.

Chase Young and the defense struggled for the first two drives, occasionally giving up some yardage, but they eventually shut the door on the opposing team.  He finished the game with two key strip-sack fumbles that resulted in turnovers.  Okudah also benefitted from the constant pressure and he came away with an easy first interception of the season.  After regaining the momentum, the offensive attack was relentless.  The defense played relentlessly as well and they shut out the Redhawks for the rest of the game.

The starters eventually were pulled out of the game at halftime and the reserves lit it up.  At halftime, it remained 49-5.  By the end of the contest, after the game was called, the Buckeyes finished the game 76-5, a 25-point addition courtesy of the second and third stringers.  Chugunov and Hoak combined for three passing scores and Steele Chambers had his first touchdown as a Buckeye.  Garrett Wilson and Jameson Williams lit it up at wide receiver and Marcus Crowley got into the action with his first receiving score in his young career.

The depth showed that there is no drop-off between the starting and the reserve units, and even a few of the offensive walk-ons got into the action and made a difference.  The back-up defenders also showed out as they continued to shut down the opposing offense.  Zaid Hamadan, a reserve defensive tackle along with Jarron Cage gutted the interior and stopped the run.  Dallas Gant shot through and got himself on the board with the first sack of his Buckeye career, joining Zach Harrison, Javonte Jean-Baptiste, and the aforementioned Gant.

The back-ups had their shot and they didn’t disappoint.  The momentum by the starters and with the reserve players keeping it for the rest of the game was what we all wanted to see.  There will be a battle next week and a night game, on the road, hasn’t been kind to the Buckeyes, but will this bring the juice to prevent another mid-season letdown?  After an undefeated non-conference slate, the conference slate remains.  They cannot afford to start slow once again, but this 70-burger can help with the confidence coming into the game.

For the time being, let us enjoy the game and the eventual turnaround.  We all know that it wasn’t perfect, but it was a dominating performance.  There are some things that Coach Day needs to address, but it’ll get there.  Go Bucks.

Miami (OH) Redhawks (1-2) VS Ohio State Buckeyes (3-0)

With another week to hone their skills, the Buckeyes square off against a wounded Redhawk team that has lost two out of the last three games early in the young 2019 season.  On the other side of the field, the Buckeyes have won three straight, in convincing fashion with one road game to open up the Big Ten season and two games against inferior competition from the Group of Five conferences.  Two teams with different situations, but its looking like another tune-up for the home team against a team that is struggling to stay afloat.

Road Woes

Life on the road hasn’t been kind to the Miami (OH) Redhawks.  This season, have not been able to break through and secure a road win in three games, going 0-2 with losses against Iowa and Cincinnati.  They have been outscored by a lot and so far it has been a whopping 73-17 scoring margin.  In 2018, they split the difference and finished 6-6, with a 101-75 margin on the road while losing to Minnesota, Army, and Buffalo.  It hasn’t been too bad on the road because the three that they managed to win came against Bowling Green, Northern Illinois, and Akron and they outscored them 92-47.  It hasn’t been easy, but going into Columbus will be hard and so far a 6-8 road record isn’t going to make things easier.

At home, the Redhawks are alright.  In 2018 they finished 3-3 and in 2019 they started 1-0.  They beat an out-manned FCS team, but the Buckeyes will be a stiff test to beat at home.  The odds aren’t in favor of the away team and I don’t think they stand a chance.  Brett Gabbert will have a stifling defense to contend with and we will see if he is ready for the big lights.

Dobbins and His Running Back Stable

J.K. Dobbins has been on a tear lately and why shouldn’t he continue his dominant streak?  Against FAU, he toted the ball 21 times and ran for 91 total yards and a TD.  Against Cincinnati, he carried the ball 17 times for 141 yards with a long of 60 and two more scores.  In the most recent game on the road against Indiana, Dobbins has 22 and he nearly went for 200 yards, but he finished with 193 yards and a healthy 8.8 average, he displayed his physical prowess while dashing for 56 yards before bowling over and bouncing his way for one of his two scores of the game.    Dobbins also had two catches for 14 yards and a score, but it should’ve been two, he will get some work with the JUGs machine, but he is doing damage on the ground and is currently sitting at 4th in the nation in rushing yards.

Dobbins eventually gave way to Master Teague and Crowley got some reps to put out minds at ease regarding the future of that position.  Teague is a bigger Dobbins, but he loves contact as he finished with 10 carries with 106 yards and a score.  He capitalized it with another physical 40 yarder–and he had a healthier 10.6 average.  Crowley and McCall eventually spelled the two and combined for 4 carries and 11 yards before the game ended.  This game will get out of hand quick and eventually they will get valuable reps to gain more game time experience.

The Return of BIA, The Rushmen and The Silver Bullets

So far in three games, Buckeyes have been playing with a huge chip on their shoulder.  Senior and 2019 captain Damon Arnette took the advice of Buckeye Great Chris Carter and stayed for his last ride in the scarlet and gray.  He, along with Okudah and Wade at his position has been a nuisance for opposing offensive players.  Behind them, fellow Senior Jordan Fuller and Brendon White have held it down so far this season, but the little dump offs in the seams sometimes get the best of them, but they have improved so far early on in the season and Arnette made a statement with the first pick-six of the season in a dazzling display of patience and athleticism.

The Rushmen have also been a nuisance and their depth is one of the strengths of this team.  With BB Landers, Tyreke Smith, and Jonathan Cooper missing the game, the reserve unit will grab some reps before continuing their conference slate.  They are averaging 4.67 sacks per game and through four games they have 14 sacks for the season which is good for being tied for 2nd in the nation.

The Linebackers have also improved in their play and this season, they are tearing it up.  Improved tackling and a more aggressive approach, the Silver Bullets are back!  Tackling was a sore subject and they would give up splash plays consistently.  The penalties were also a weakness, but the 2019 team has cleaned a lot of that up.  They currently sit 8th in the nation in third-down stops allowing a conversion in 0.229% per game.  The zone scheme with man-to-man sprinkled in seems to work right now, but we will see how far they’ve come when they get to the meaty part of their schedule.

Fields Day and His Zone 6 Weapons

Fields had an off game in his first true road test at Ohio State, but he was still lethal.  He missed his receivers while being pressured, he often threw too high or away from his targets frame or catch radius, but he finished with 199 yards and four total TD’s.  It was a more inconsistent day of his young Buckeye career, but he still put the points on the board and he executed to keep this team humming.

Zone 6 has benefited from the play of Fields, but they lean on each other.  The Legend of Olave is alive and well–he even managed to make key catches, he caught a TD, and he also blocked a punt that resulted in a safety.  He surely has helped swing the momentum in each game and he continues to amaze me.  K.J. Hill finally got on the board with the receiving score and Dobbins also had a one too.

The Tight Ends, although they haven’t been utilized still play hard and they certainly are a key cog in the offensive attack.  We saw it against FAU, but it sort of fizzled as of late.  They certainly can be used at any moment, but they play hard even though they are used in the blocking game.  Either way, they all play for their brothers, but we will see how they’ll be used later during the season.


56-6, the Ohio State Buckeyes defeat the Miami(OH) Redhawks.

Yes, I am predicting a 50-burger, but the Redhawk offense is bad this year.  They can possibly get some pity points, but it is doubtful and this defense is preparing for a clash with a Big Ten West foe, Nebraska.  Without looking ahead, the Buckeyes will have their focus solely on Miami (OH).  In another routine throttling, look for the game to get out of hand by the winding minutes of the 3rd quarter before the reserves come in to get some playing time once again.  The goal would be to flex their muscle, get a win, and give your starters a well-deserved rest before traveling to Lincoln.

MOTSAG Conference Progress Rep

I will be trying something new, but I think it’ll be another fun way to take the MOTSAG faithful into a whole new stratosphere with our new Conference Progress Report.  Here we will take a look at the Big 10 Conference as a whole and grade each team from week to week.  I may or may not take a stab at teams outside of the Big 10 and grade other conferences as well, but let’s focus on the Big 10 first.

#1:  Wisconsin Badgers (2-0)

The Wisconsin Badgers have been a force to be reckoned with and in two games they have outscored opponents 110-0.  In week 3 they are on a bye, but I will still have them ahead of our beloved Buckeyes for the time being at least.  As much as I want to place them ahead, I cannot overlook the fact that they have yet to give up any points.

They look like a well-oiled machine and until someone knocks them off of their perch, I feel the need to leave them because technically they are perfect in the sense that they haven’t given up a point and they haven’t shown any weakness up to this point.  They have the weapons to give other teams fits so for now, they sit as the top team in the Big 10.  They also have Michigan at home so things could change.

#2:  Ohio State Buckeyes (3-0)

As much as I want to put them at the top, I am not prepared to at this point.  It’s not that I am doubting them, I am pretty proud of this team so far, but they are sort of an unfinished product at this point.  Yes, they have outscored opponents 138-31, but they need more time to develop.

The defense is terrific and they are very disruptive, and the tackling is definitely better, but I like they could improve a little bit more.  Sacks are always going to be a thing for this years team, but I want consistency with getting turnovers.  The pick-six from Arnette was a sight for sore eyes, but if they can become a little more consistent with takeaways, I will move them up accordingly.

#3:  Penn State Nittany Lions (3-0)

Okay, they barely skimmed by Pitt in a rivalry game, but they managed to pull it off.  No harm, no foul on their part and I won’t penalize them for being tested.  They have been a terror on offense and they have outscored opponents 141-30.

They showed their grit in week three and their defense answered the call to stop Pitt.  They are disruptive, but if challenged with the right pressure, they looked somewhat beatable.  Penn State always has weapons on offense, so they cannot be taken lightly, but they’re a solid team that could make noise.

#4:  Iowa Hawkeyes (3-0)

The Iowa Hawkeyes were also tested against a feisty Iowa State team, but luck played its hand at the end of this one with one of the most dreadful punt return sequences I’ve seen in a while.

Lady luck certainly favored the Hawkeyes in this battle for the Cy-Hawk Trophy, but they too were tested.  Their offense took a step back and only managed 18 points, but a win is a win and they’ve been outscoring opponents 86-31.  They aren’t as flashy as the top three but their system grinds teams down and they just win.

#5:  Michigan Wolverines (2-0)

The hype train ran rampant throughout the and guess who started feeling themselves a little too early on into the season?  Yup, you guessed it, the Team Up North definitely thought they would destroy teams cause of their talent alone, but no one got the memo that your Offensive Coordinator would need some time to adjust to the team as well.

Yes, he came from Alabama but come on it won’t work out that fast.  They showed their potential against Middle Tennessee, but against Army, they barely escaped at home.  They too are on a bye week, but with a trip to Madison on the horizon, we will see exactly what this team can do.

#6:  Nebraska Cornhuskers (2-1)

Okay, some might feel like they are too high, but they can be that Big 10 West team that comes out of nowhere at home and guess who the Buckeyes play in week 5?  I think highly of them because they have everything I need in a team.  A speedy quarterback and a Blackshirt defense that should pose a challenge, especially since it’s a home game.

An explosive offense and a good defense are enough to keep me anxious, but since a lowly Colorado team could squeak out a win against this team, who knows.  They travel to Illinois but they took it on the chin, so they may use them as a tune-up to prepare for Ohio State.

#7:  Michigan State Spartans (2-1)

Michigan State appeared to have it all in the bag, but another bad loss to a young Arizona State team, this time at home, I cannot help but feel robbed at this point.  They have a stifling defense, but the offense looks a bit outdated and boring.

They have been the thorn on Ohio State’s side for a little bit and this gets me pumped for the upcoming clash in Columbus, but they must defeat Northwestern in Evansville.  They seem to be getting into their usual groove so we may see another good win for the Spartans or another tough loss.

#8:  Northwestern Wildcats (1-1)

The Northwestern Wildcats took an early loss to Stanford and they looked like they had regressed.  They beat UNLV and looked better offensively.  They play a Spartans team that took a bad loss to Arizona State and even they are at home, they could get taken out.

Their defense is still the same disciplined team, but their offense is inconsistent.  With Thorson leaving for the NFL, they look confused and they are not as explosive as the Cardiac Cats of old.  They need to find an identity soon, but we will see if they can survive a clash with the Spartans.

#9:  Minnesota Golden Gophers (3-0)

Don’t let the undefeated tag fool you, this team is very inconsistent and they have barely managed to avoid losses to South Dakota State, Fresno State, and wait for it…  Georgia Southern.  The common denominator is they won by the skin of their teeth, by a single score.

Sure, a win is a win and they managed to skim by, but come on.  They should be able to be more consistent, but the talent is still trying to gel together.  I get that, but I cannot help but feel like they should be a little bit better than what they are showing.

#10:  Maryland Terrapins (2-1)

Fools gold!  What was a high-octane offense, but they just flopped against Temple in a rivalry game in Philadelphia.  Their offense was fine, but their defense has been atrocious.  If they can run teams out of the stadium. they’ll be fine.  If not, then they look completely beatable.

This team is improved and they did take the Buckeyes to the absolute limit a season ago.  So they did they just run out of steam or have they peaked as a team too early into the season?  Either way, they have a bye to figure it out before hosting Penn State.

#11:  Indiana Hoosiers (2-1)

So the Hoosiers ran into a buzzsaw and they were trounced at home.  They had two convincing wins against lesser teams, but it is evident that they aren’t ready for big boy football against more elite teams.

They stood no chance against a gritty Buckeye squad who is on a mission.  Looking ahead, they need to refocus their efforts and recover against UConn.  The jury is still out, but I believe Indiana can turn it around.


#12:  Purdue Boilermakers (1-2)

The last team to upset the Buckeyes has struggled to produce wins against Nevada and TCU, but the most recent loss isn’t a bad one in my opinion.  They could certainly rebound against a lowly Minnesota team that has managed to skim by.

Up to this point, the Boilermakers have been off and the jury is still out on this team.  Their schedule looks pretty tough and they could have a bad season if things don’t change soon.  For now, they are underachieving and they could sneak up on a few teams.

#13:  Rutgers Scarlet Knights (1-1)

Well, the Scarlet Knights have been a tad bit better this season before they played Iowa.  Either way, they look to be an improved team so far, but they very well might be the same old Rutgers team.

They have a tough schedule as well and they could struggle to make a bowl game once again.  Unless they can sneak up on a couple of unsuspecting teams, but at this point, it is very doubtful.  This team has some moxie and they can be explosive against the right opponent.

#14:  Illinois Fighting Illini (2-1)

So Lovie Smith will have a hard time coming back from a bad loss against Eastern Michigan.  Sure, he is 2-1 but he has to get his team back after such a devastating loss.  It won’t be easy against Nebraska, but like the previous three or four, it might not be easy in the Big 10 schedule.

In what could be his last season, Smith would need a miracle to save his job.  He would have to beat a good team or win all of his rivalry games before the end of the season.  They should be relieved that Illibuck isn’t on the docket, but they could still mess it up for themselves.