Class of 22′ OT Carter Smith talks recruitment, Ohio State involvement and fun outside of Football

Carter Smith, Olentangy Liberty, Offensive Tackle (

OT Carter Smith might not have the loftiest recruiting rating per the 247 Sports composite rating, but if there is anything we all know about Ohio kids they have an act of outworking anybody/everybody in the country no matter what the recruiting analysts say. Carter may be lower ranked but he lets his hard work do his talking and programs are clearly listening as the offers continue to roll in. “I currently have 24 offers and I don’t want to disclose any leaders until the time comes. I’m hoping to have my top 5 out by April 15th, but anything can happen.” Smith said.

I can honestly say I do not blame Smith for waiting as just in the last couple weeks alone he has had offers still rolling in and the last two have been from SEC country (Auburn , Vanderbilt) but he also has a Tennessee offer so the big programs are definitely interested and Smith is excited about the potential opportunity to take his talents to SEC territory. “It’s really cool to have the opportunity to play good ball down south, but I just want to find somewhere that fits me best.” Smith said.

With Carter being located just a short ways away from Ohio State I Asked him if Ohio State has reached out about a potential offer and if he thought the lack of camp opportunities that Ohio State usually holds and the on-going recruiting dead period on campuses has caused a lull in said communication. “I know they (Ohio State) would like to see me at around 280-290 pound range and I’ve talked with Coach Stud a few times but nothing too much about an offer.” Smith Said. “Absolutely. It’s the worst part about this right now, not only can I not see the campus, but the coaches and players too. It’s really frustrating. I hope to make it to a camp or two this summer, there will absolutely be visits taken.” Smith added.

While football is important to Smith there is plenty that he values outside of the sport. “I enjoy doing volunteer work, youth group, making smoothies at my work, and hockey. I hope to make an impact on everyone I meet and make my mark at the best place for me! It’s all about relationships and i need to cherish that as much as possible.” Smith said.

I cant thank Carter enough for giving me some of his time and I think we can all agree that he will do big things no matter wherever he goes!

Michigan St reigns as NCAA men’s basketball tourney champions for the first time since 2000

Final Four Matchups:

1 Kansas vs. 1 Dayton-Dayton 86-80: Dayton takes down Kansas in a back and fourth matchup that featured a few ESPN top 10 Obi Toppin Dunks.

1 Gonzaga vs. 3 Michigan St.- Michigan St 79-75 (OT): Cassius Winston and Xavier Tillman provide 50 of the 79 points scored to lead MSU to the title game.

Championship Game:

1 Dayton vs. 3 Michigan St.- Michigan St 81-79: Tom Izzo captures his first National Title since 2000 behind All American Cassius Winston.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have voted on the polls and have followed along with us on the site!

MOTSAG Pretend March Madness Elite 8/ Final 4 matchups (South Region)

Welcome back to the South Region! Today we have the final 4 teams battling it out where 2 will make it to the Elite 8 of the Tournament. Will 2 B1G teams make it out of this Region? Who will be the South Regions Final 4 representative? Below are the matchups with the final results:

  • 1 Baylor vs. 5 Ohio State: Ohio State 78-77-Ohio State keeps the magic alive and pulls the upset over the #1 seeded Baylor. 3 pt shooting and just enough defense get the job done.
  • 3 Michigan State vs. 2 Creighton: Michigan State 75-68- Michigan State ends the Creighton run with the more tournament experienced lineup. Izzo back to the Elite 8 (has to be some kind of record right?)

To go to the Final 4:

  • 5 Ohio State vs. 3 Michigan State: Michigan State 81-75- Unfortunately Ohio State’s run comes to an end here to the more experienced team . The Buckeyes only trailed by 3 and needed a stop to potentially tie the game. Cassius Winston hit a dagger 3 at the end of the shot clock to put the game out of reach in the final seconds.

South Region Final 4 team: 3 Michigan State

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MOTSAG Pretend March Madness 2nd Round (South Region)

The 2nd Round is here for the South Region and with it comes some interesting matchups that could go either way. The pressing questions in this region are:

  • Will Ohio State continue to the Sweet 16?
  • Will the 11 seed Cincinnati continue its magic and upset Michigan St?
  • Will 4 B1G teams make it to the Sweet 16 in one Region?

Follow along below for the results of the 2nd Round.

  • 1 Baylor vs. 9 Rutgers: Baylor 81-77- I think Baylor being the more tournament experienced team wills them to the victory.
  • 5 Ohio State vs. 4 Louisville: Ohio State 75-68- Ohio State moves on but this was a hard game to predict. I truly went back and fourth with it but in the end I think Ohio States 3 pt shooting ability helps them win.
  • 3 Michigan State vs. 11 Cincinnati: Michigan State 73-62- Cincinnati’s run ends this week but not because they don’t have the talent but because Michigan State knows how to get things done in March.
  • 2 Creighton vs. 7 Illinois: Creighton 71-69 (OT)- First OT game in my region and Big East Creighton moves on.

I just want to Thank you all for reading my 1st round article and participating in the polls! Join MOTSAG next week for the following matchups below:

  • 1 Baylor vs. 5 Ohio State
  • 3 Michigan State vs. 2 Creighton

MOTSAG Pretend March Madness (South Region)

The results of the play-in games have been revealed to you. Now it’s time for the 1st round of the South Region which among the 16 teams is your Ohio State Buckeyes coming in as the #5 seed. How did the Buckeyes stack up in the first round ? Below are the results!

  • #1 Baylor vs. #16 Winthrop- Baylor 81-61
  • #8 St. Mary’s vs. #9 Rutgers- Rutgers 73-70
  • #5 Ohio State vs. #12 Stephen F. Austin- Ohio State 75-63
  • #4 Louisville vs. #13 Vermont- Louisville 83-72
  • #6 Virginia vs. #11 Cincinnati- Cincinnati 68-66
  • #3 Michigan State vs. #14 Bradley- Michigan State 87-60
  • #7 Illinois vs. #10 USC- Illinois 70-69
  • #2 Creighton vs. #15 Little Rock- Creighton 82-58

Stay tuned to MOTSAG next week for the results of the 2nd Round Matchups in the South Region. Matchups are as follows:

  • #1 Baylor vs. #9 Rutgers
  • #5 Ohio State vs. #4 Louisville
  • #11 Cincinnati vs. #3 Michigan St.
  • #7 Illinois vs. #2 Creighton

We will ask for your opinions in Twitter polls soon so again stay tuned into MOTSAG.

Scarlet Seven: Evan Pryor

Evan Pryor final six

Evan Pryor a dominant high school running back from Williams Amos Highschool in the town of Cornelius, North Carolina is a Running back prospect many blue blood college programs would love to have join their respected 2021 class.

Currently ranked by the 247 composite ranking as a 4 🌟 prospect and an overall Rating of 84th best player in the country Pryor possesses elite speed and vision and is one of the Ohio States top Running back targets.

Evan was kind enough to sit down with me and give a few minutes of his time to discuss amongst other things: recruiting , hobbies , visits planned, etc. (Quotes are directly from the interviewee himself with no alterations). Please enjoy the next session of the Scarlet Seven!

ZD: What has the recruiting process been like at this point? Stressful ?

EP: At this point it can get stressful but as of lately I haven’t been stressing.

ZD: I know you recently revealed you’re top 6. What do you like about those schools and where does Ohio State stand?

EP: I was comfortable with those 6 schools and can really see myself playing there. Ohio State is top 3 in the list.

ZD: What visits do you have set up?

EP: Ohio State on March 18. Georgia on March 28th.

ZD: Do you have a commitment date at this time?

EP: No specific date for my commitment.

ZD: Ohio State has had some recent struggles with Running back recruiting . What has their message been to you as far as the plan or potentially playing early?

EP: If I were to come to Ohio State I would have an opportunity to compete to get on the field. I’ve been told I can be a plug and play because of my speed.

ZD: Mack Brown (North Carolina HC) has done a great job so far at keeping in-state talent home. Is there pressure to stay home and play or is distance not really a factor?

EP: Distance isn’t a factor. Just have to make the right decision.

ZD: Lastly, What is some of your hobbies outside of football?

EP: Outside of football I like to play basketball and video games. Cooking is something I take pride in as well.

This was a fun interview to do with Evan and wherever he decides to go for college that institution will be getting a great kid and great football player !

On behalf of myself and Motsag we can’t thank Evan enough for his time for this interview . #GoBucks