MOTSAG Pretend March Madness 2nd Round (South Region)

The 2nd Round is here for the South Region and with it comes some interesting matchups that could go either way. The pressing questions in this region are:

  • Will Ohio State continue to the Sweet 16?
  • Will the 11 seed Cincinnati continue its magic and upset Michigan St?
  • Will 4 B1G teams make it to the Sweet 16 in one Region?

Follow along below for the results of the 2nd Round.

  • 1 Baylor vs. 9 Rutgers: Baylor 81-77- I think Baylor being the more tournament experienced team wills them to the victory.
  • 5 Ohio State vs. 4 Louisville: Ohio State 75-68- Ohio State moves on but this was a hard game to predict. I truly went back and fourth with it but in the end I think Ohio States 3 pt shooting ability helps them win.
  • 3 Michigan State vs. 11 Cincinnati: Michigan State 73-62- Cincinnati’s run ends this week but not because they don’t have the talent but because Michigan State knows how to get things done in March.
  • 2 Creighton vs. 7 Illinois: Creighton 71-69 (OT)- First OT game in my region and Big East Creighton moves on.

I just want to Thank you all for reading my 1st round article and participating in the polls! Join MOTSAG next week for the following matchups below:

  • 1 Baylor vs. 5 Ohio State
  • 3 Michigan State vs. 2 Creighton

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