Fans Interact: Pre-Season Roundtable; Todd, Brad, Abe and Elizabeth Take on the pre-season

We will do some various fans interacts this season and we kick things off with a roundtable that our staff had already answered earlier on. Please click on there link in their names and give them a follow! They did an awesome job answering some difficult questions.

Who do you believe had the best offseason considering all of the COVID issues they had. Explain why this player exceeded your expectations.

Easy Pick

Elizabeth – Justin Fields elevated himself as one of the leaders for the team during the unpredictable off season. His leadership in social issues in the country has engaged him in a unique way. His drive to reinstate Buckeye football was relentless. His resilience through the adversity cemented his image as a leader in multiple ways. He has dedicated himself to a strong year on the field as quarterback. He by far exceeded what I expected from a player as the Big Ten cancelled the season. He is set to lead the team and teach the next generations of players. It is exciting what we have witnessed to this point. 

Brad – Obviously It’s Justin Fields , I wouldn’t say he exceeded  my expectations however he did step up to be the Leader I thought he could be.  Harry Miller is definitely going to be a future leader of this team. Anyone who has watched his Twitter post would agree.

Todd – I think it’s a toss up for me between Justin and Wade, Justin had taken on a bigger leadership role and wants that Natty, Wade didn’t want his last game in a buckeye uniform to end like it did…both will play lights out this year

Abe – I gotta go with Fields.  By all accounts he has become the vocal leader that he was not last year.  Faced with sitting and watching the games play out after the interception and then in the delay due to C19 (that’s the new cool way to refer to it), he has used that fire just like he should.  Drive others and push yourself.

What defensive player is going to shock the world and why?

Think the Buckeyes will miss this guy?

Elizabeth – I’m going with junior safety Josh Proctor to be a defensive player to shock college football. Last season he had four tackles with three solo in the College Football Playoff Semifinal against Clemson. I think he returns with that drive and energy. 

Brad – Zach Harrison is definitely  going to have to step up to be the next in line for a dominating Defensive End. Pete Werner could actually wind up being an All-American & a first round draft choice with another solid season & I’d really like to see Kerry Coombs turn Josh Proctor Loose this season he has a potential to be like Jack Tatum or Antwan Winfield Sr. A freshman to watch  is going to be Cameron Martinez . How Captain Khaki let him get out of the state up north is going to haunt him for years.

Todd – I also think Browning, I feel the same as Abe, he has a year under him now and a year of the best coaching in CFB, look for him to step up and make plays 

Abe – I typically like to figure out freak athletes or someone that has all of the skills and manages to put it together, last year I said that Arnette was going to have a very solid year and that Browning would emerge as a playmaker.  Arnette did have a very good year, albeit with a broken wrist.  Browning was steady, although not a playmaker.  This year, after a year under his belt watch for Browning to shine and make those big plays.  My sleeper is a backup that could be thrust into the rotation with an injury at LB, Terdja Mitchell.  Took too much speed to leave on the bench..

What offensive player is going to shock the world and why?

Elizabeth – I’m taking sophomore wide receiver Garrett Wilson as the offensive player to shock the world. He made extraordinary catches with amazing balance and agility as a freshman. I know he’s been taking reps in the slot and Hartline likes him in this position to add to the receiving plays. He learned from K. J. Hill has increased his time watching films. I predict an exciting year offensively. 

Brad – Take your pick of any of the Freshman members of Zone 6 Fleming,Scott Jr, Cooper ,Smith -Njigba will all add depth. The outside duo of Olave & Williams are going to cause a lot of problems for defenses when Ohio State goes over the top & with Wilson moving to the slot is going to be a nightmare for B1G DC’s. 

Todd – Master…kids gonna run angry and has a chip on his shoulder to prove he can do it, and he’ll do it

Abe – How did I know you were going to ask this question now?  The popular pick will be Wilson, but I don’t think he is a shocker, he is just a stud.  Someone that comes out of nowhere and has a chance to really surprise people is what I am thinking of….. And in this case, another receiver is the pick.  Not one of those super freshmen that this class contains, but a super-sophomore, Jameson Williams.  Not only does his first name resonate with good times, but that kid is faster than….. well, I don’t know, he is just fast.  I think he could fill the Parris Campbell role on crossing patterns using that blazing speed.   Rumors are swirling that he might return punts…… please let us have someone return punts that can take it to the house each and every time they touch it!  I mean Ted Ginn and Santonio Holmes style…..As it is written, so let it be done.

What will be the average score during the season, and will it be because Coombs and Johnson are back together or because Ryan Day wants to hang a hundred on everybody?

This is a “friendly” rivalry and good teammates for getting B1G back on, but will Day score a lot of points Saturday?

Elizabeth – The Buckeye team is poised and motivated to take care of the unfinished goal of winning it all last year. With all sides of the ball feeling the motivation and drive and the crew of premier coaches, I can see them scoring 35-42 points a game. Ryan Day may just outshine the entire NCAA in coaching successes this year. The way he fought for his players will produce amazing results from the team to #Fight. I don’t think I’ve been more excited for a season to begin. 

Brad –  42 points per game average.Offensively they will be able to score at will. My Concern is Defensively & the Middle of the defensive line Tommy Togiai is going to be an absolute beast but are Taron Vincent (shoulder) & Haskell Garrett going to be healthy enough to give him a rest instead of playing 50 snaps a game if they have to use Cormontae Hamilton (true freshman) or Darrion Henry-Young also a true freshman could be a huge issue.

Todd – 35-42 probably, I’m not sure Ryan will hang a ton of points on teams because he’s not that guy, now when it come to the last game, watch for him to go all out and hang 70+ on them

Abe – This entire team should be angry the way the game ended with Clemson.  Not just Fields and Olave.  The running back, the O-line, the defense….. Every…single….unit.  That being said, I look for the margin of victory to be high, probably 40 as an average.  

What is your prediction for the season and will there be games lost due to COVID?

Elizabeth – This is the greatest question we all wonder about with the start of the 2020 season a week away. The Buckeye team of players, coaches, and family members are making tremendous sacrifices to finish a complete season healthy. We have the depth to have a team on the field if players test positive. My greatest hope is we all stay healthy.  I believe there will be interruptions to teams in the conference. Hopefully nothing happens to keep Buckeyes and TTUN from playing each other for the 116 time. I know the safety protocols will be a possible reason for lost games. 

Brad – I honestly don’t know,  let it play out. One thing for sure is the Genuses  who run this conference left no room for error. At the time of this round table The NFL , &  S.E.C are having Issues. Even Saban has Covid ( False Negative)  & Florida has over 20 players Including Mullen that have tested positive , they have to move their game with L.S.U to December 12th. Cincinnati also has to move their game with Tulsa. With all that said anything short of a National Championship is going to be a major disappointment.

Todd – tough to answer that 1, I don’t think there will be any lost games at least not because of us, these kids are on a mission to get that Natty and are doing whatever it takes to keep from getting sick….it’s National Champs or bust this year 

Abe – I don’t think there will be lost games….at least I hope not.  I think we need to figure out how to play with this virus.  By that, I mean using our 2nd team player when and if someone comes down with it.  At their age and condition, they should only need 10 days according to the CDC, once they are fever free.  Why the B1G chose 21 days is beyond me…. Hopefully they will revisit it as these kids need each and every game to display their abilities.

#MOTSAGRising Depth Chart Preview: Secondary

As deep and good as the front seven are the secondary may just be the best the Buckeyes have seen in recent years. The speed and talent covering opposing teams WR’s can be potent and led by one of the top prospects for next years NFL draft in Shaun Wade.

The starting line-up will more than likely not get a lot of breathers but they probably don’t need all that much with how quick the front seven will get after the opposing QB and give them time to help shutdown the run.

Wade is helped at CB on the other side by one of the coolest names in college football in Sevyn Banks. the safeties will probably be Junior Josh Proctor and Senior Marcus Williamson.

Red-shirt Sophomore Marcus Hooker is the one youngster everyone is hoping to see a lot of and most thing he has a lot of the same talent his older brother and former Buckeye Malik Hooker had when in the Scarlet and Grey.

Also look for Cameron Brown and true frosh Legond Cavazos to contribute when there’s opportunities.

#MOTSAGRising Depth Chart Preview: Anti-Slobs(Rushmen)

Today we roll with the glue that has held the defense together for quite sometime thanks to Larry Johnson and his ever improving Rushmen packages. Anyone that has played for him the past several years stands a good chance of becoming a pro.

Lets start at the ends where the rotation should be all but set for this season.

DE – Jonathon Cooper backed up by Tyler Friday, then Tyreke Smith backed up by Zach Harrison and there should be plenty of plays for all four which will make things difficult on opposing QB’s.

DT – Is a different story altogether but we should see Tommy Togiai and Taron Vincent emerge as starts in this years defense which will see more of Togiai lined up over the C. He has proven to be a problem already and will shine as this years starter.

The rest of the group can produce but may not see as much time as the others. Haskell Garrett is a proven leader and will be a force after returning from an off-season shooting that left him needing to work his way back. As of late he is practicing and doing well. Antwuan Jackson is a graduate transfer that will see some time and opportunities to prove himself behind Togiai.

DE 18 Cooper, Jonathon RS SR 54 Friday, Tyler JR
NT 72 Togiai, Tommy JR 52 Jackson, Antwuan RS SR/TR
DT 92 Garrett, Haskell SR 6 Vincent, Taron RS SO

#MOTSAGRising Depth Chart Preview; Tight Ends

I am honestly surprised that Richard didn’t steal the TE’s for his Zone 6 preview in yesterday’s article. I would imagine they spend a lot more time with Zone 6(Brian Hartline) than with the slobs(Greg Studrawa) or their position coach Kevin Wilson.

The nice thing about this group is there are many interchangeable parts and sometimes we might see three TE sets and still be just as dangerous up the middle of the field with returning lettermen Farrell, Hausmann and Ruckert. All three are very capable blockers and pass-catchers.

Look for it to be much of the same as it was all last season.

TE – 89 Luke Farrell or 88 Jeremy Ruckert or 81 Jake Hausmann

This writer believes that Jeremy Ruckert will blow up this season and provide a consistent hot route and that will equate into a lot of yards, maybe the most by a TE in a while for Ohio State. Seems we will all get our wishes this season as it’s the most experience they have enjoyed at TE.

Luke Farrell is no slouch when it comes to catching the football but his road grading mentality will help as much as needed on the edge this season. Look for him and Ruckert to be two of the leaders in the locker-room as well.

Look for true frosh Joe Royer out of Cincinnati Elder and Cade Stover who moved over from the defense to see some time on the field replacing the spot Rashod Berry help last season. The Buckeyes have tried to keep four in the rotation of late because of the physicality of the position!

#MOTSAGRising: Depth Review; Running Backs

With just a Saturday and a wake up call before Ohio State Football returns against Nebraska in The Shoe, we take a look at the positions depth and make some “minor” predictions. I tackle the running backs today.

There was one thing pundits could knock Urban Meyer for and it had to do with not ever having a 1,000 yard rusher at the running back position. Carlos Hyde erased that distinction and there’s been a star RB in Columbus every year since. Add Tony Alford as the position coach in 2015 and the Buckeyes have been one of the best rushing teams in the country.

Now he and head coach Ryan Day have some decisions to make this season after the 1-2 punch they posses in returning letter-man Master Teague III(135 for 789 and 4 TD’s) and graduate transfer Trey Sermon(Oklahoma over 2,000 total yards in 3 seasons). The latest is that both backs will share the duties this season while watching in awe of Justin Fields.

After those two and the moving of Demario McCall to wide-out everyone’s guess is as good as mine! However, I have my hunches that we will see plenty of Marcus Crowley and Steele Chambers this season as we did last.

MOTSAG Roundtable: Buckeye Football Expectations

When I migrated over to MOTSAG after TWSS with my buddy Scott, I brought some “baggage” with me. I have always liked roundtables and have enjoyed the interactions we have with the fans because of the answers our guys provide. Zack, Richard and I spin our thoughts on some simple questions you will get to answer on Twitter.

As it shall be . . ,

Sit back, “pop a top” and let us know what you think!

Who do you believe had the best offseason considering all of the COVID issues they had. Explain why this player exceeded your expectations.

Zack – It would easily be Justin Fields and not to beat a dead horse, but the kid is flat out impressive the way he handled everything, and he never wavered from Ohio State.  He also attempted to unify all the players, and he received almost 300 thousand signatures to show how much the fans and players wanted B1G 10 football and he didn’t have to do any of this he could’ve left and trained on his own for the draft but he never did because he loves this university so that was very impressive to me.

Richard – Justin Fields, hands down.  He became the face of the team and was a vocal leader in the quest to get the season back for us while working on his craft.  Overall, he’s improved and I feel something special is coming this season. 

Chris – I am with Richard, Justin Fields has gone all out in bringing B1G back to us fans. His leadership has grown by leaps and bounds and might be the difference between a los in the Fiesta Bowl last year and winning it all this year.

What defensive player is going to shock the world and why?

Zack – Zach Harrison – I honestly feel like last year he only scratched the surface of what he will be when his development is complete. It would not shock me if he had 10 sacks even in a shortened season, he is that talented.

Richard – Josh Proctor.  That hit on Jack Coan sold me on his potential and the expectation for the 2020 season.  Working behind Fuller, he learned alot and he will apply it this season.  I fully expect him to be the enforcer on a stingy defense.

Chris –  I am rolling with Tommy Togiai simply because it’s his time to shine. He will show people why he has been high on my list since day one!

What offensive player is going to shock the world and why?

Zack – Master Teague – the guy has put in the work to get back and he was very impressive in the time he was able to play last year

Richard – FroZone 6.  The combined talent of Smith-Njigba, Scott, Fleming and Cooper has a ton of potential and it adds needed depth to a position that gets developed and heads off to the pros.  Pick your poison.  Each is capable and with Olave and Wilson garnering the attention of opposing defenses, one or all of these players will shock the world with a highlight play in crunch time.

Chris –  I am going to roll with Paris Johnson on the OL, the true frosh is a beast and will work himself into the two deep quickly and push for playing time. He has a nastiness that most frosh don’t bring to the table.

What will be the average score during the season, and will it be because Coombs and Johnson are back together or because Ryan Day wants to hang a hundred on everybody?

Zack – With the offensive firepower we have I think 50 plus points per game is very attainable.

Richard – Fields, Sermon, Olave, Wilson and Ruckert are names you need to pay attention to.  Smith-Njigba, Cooper, Scott and Fleming are stars in the wings.  Anyone not mentioned, they are still potent offensive threats, at all skill positions.  I think an average of 52 points per game.

Chris –  As scary as the output of last years offense was 46.9 which was a new record breaking the one set in 2013. This group will leave having one that may be unbreakable and finish in the high 50’s. Sadly this season will forever have a COVID * beside it but it’s scary to think how many points they may score overall!

What is your prediction for the season and will there be games lost due to COVID?

Zack – If there is anything I have learned during this pandemic it is that this team is very close to one another and truly love each other so if there is any games lost to covid it wont be because we didn’t follow the protocols. Ohio State will be 9-0 when its all said and done this schedule is super favorable and we drew no top teams from cross conference.

Richard – The schedule pans out for the Buckeyes and I think an undefeated season lies ahead.  Penn State without the whiteout, at MSU, at Illinois and at Maryland is doable.  TTUN at home will be fun.  8-0 with a chance to make it to the big tourney.

Chris –  I rarely make predictions about the Buckeyes but I think this shortened season will be a walk. They have had the Clemson game on their minds for a very long time and look forward to exorcising those demons this season. I think the B1G will stay in their bubbles and finish the season without losing players or games to COVID. They had a great plan before all things were cancelled.

MOTSAG Rising; WVaBuckeye

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by to read this! This is a newer, fun-styled segment that introduces the writers in the #MOTSAGRising movement that is on Twitter. It is a closer look at our origins and our backstories that is needed to better get to know us as a unit.

I am wvabuckeye on Twitter, but my name is Chris. I was born and raised in SE Ohio (not in Joe Burrow country but close) I am a proud NAVY veteran and have been employed by DuPont for over 23 years. I became a Buckeye fan after watching Archie Griffin run for a TD in the pouring rain on my grandmothers TV in the early 70’s!

I am a high school football and basketball official and worked college women’s for about 7 years at the D2 and D3 level. My family always comes first in my life, three kids, one grandson and a niece thats like a daughter who has a son who’s like a grandchild to us. I have been happily married to the love of my life for over 30 years and I do not know how she does all that she does but I am blessed to have her.

I began my blogging journey with The Buckeye Battle Cry in December of 2012 and have been enjoying it ever since! Hopefully MOTSAG will be my last stop. It’s a fun bunch of guys(Except Jeremiah’s big brass spoon) who like to have a good time writing and covering the best damn team in the land!

Thank you for hanging out with us regularly and have fun!

MOTSAG Pretend College Football Playoffs: #2 LSU versus #3 Clemson; 1st Quarter


The last “close game” The Joey Burrow led Tigers of LSU has was October 26th against a very game #9 Auburn Tiger team that had one game plan, try to keep the ball out of his hands. The Auburn Tigers failed(23-20) but the Clemson Tigers and Trevor Lawrence played it almost perfectly in a first quarter that saw them go on top just as the quarter ended.

Etienne and Burrow lead the charge in the first quarter

Almost every scripted first drive by Clemson this season has ended up in a TD. Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne combine for all of the rushing yards until 3 and goal from the 4 yard line and an incomplete pass intended for Tee Higgins. Dabo Swinney took a time out but chose to kick the FG and go up 3-0.

The key stat here is Clemson ate up more than 7 minutes of the 1st quarter clock(7:13) and turned things over to their defense, hoping to force a three and out and get back to work quickly.

Joey Burrow was not going to have any of that and only needed 1:52 of the clock to score. Derek Stingley gave LSU great field position and a short field after a 47 yard return. After two quick hitter to Jamar Chase, Burrow found a wide-open Thaddeus Moss over the middle for the 34 yard score.

On the ensuing kick-off disaster almost struck as Joseph Ngata muffed the short kick that bounced off the back of a teammate and into his hands. He then advanced to their own 39 yard line for Trevor Lawrence.

Etienne picked up where he left of chewing up short yardages and giving Clemson better efficiency on RPO as Lawrence kept it himself a few times to gain first downs. With 3rd and 11 from LSU’s 22, Trevor Lawrence found Tee Higgins who made maybe the best catch of the season in the corner of the end-zone as time expired in the first.

Clemson heads to the second quarter leading 10-7.

MOTSAG Pretend CFP Playoffs: Quarter finals; #2 LSU versus #7 Oregon

This should be a match-up for the ages as far as playoff games go in this first ever quarter final, but #7 Oregon hasn’t had much of a break after winning the PAC12 championship game and coming right back and playing a very game Appalachian State the following week in a play-in game.

Justin Herbert had to lead the ducks down the field on the final drive to defeat the Mountaineers 35-28.

These two teams met in 2011 and it was mostly the Tigers as they won 40-27.

Joe Burrow and his on fire Tigers of the Bayou have had a nice rest since rolling over Jake Fromm and the Georgia Bulldogs 37-10 in the Mercedes-Benz Dome in Atlanta, Georgia and appear perched for a run to possibly meet his former Buckeyes in the final.

First Quarter – The Tigers wasted little time scoring and Joe Burrow had nothing to do with it. On the first play from scrimmage for the Ducks, Derek Stingley Jr. stepped in front of an Justin Herbert quick out and took it to the house 27 yards later. The next drive by the Ducks stalled at their own 43 and after a 45 yard punt, Joe burrow and the guys took over at their 17.

The expected winner of the Heisman Trophy completed a 12 play 83 yard drive eating most of the first quarter clock and made the score 14-0 at the end of one.

Second Quarter – Justin Herbert, Oregon’s all-time leader in pass completions (827) and pass attempts (1,293), took a golden opportunity after a great kick-off return by Mykael Wright for 65 yards to LSU’s 35 yard line and then connected with Johnny Johnson III on a 35 yard scoring strike and pulled within 7 at 14-7.

That lasted for all of 15 seconds as Edwards-Helaire return the kick-off for a 100 yard score and put the Tigers back up two scores 21-7. That’s would be the score at the half and neither team had much offensive statistics to boast. Herbert finished 4-9 for 57 yards, one pick-six and one score. Joe Burrow wasn’t much better but was enjoying a perfect day throwing the ball, 8 of 8 for 75 yards and one score.

Third Quarter – Joe Burrow and the tigers got the second half kick-off and did what they have been doing all season. Continuing to be perfect in the passing category, he lead the team down the field and finished the drive with a 7 yard TD toss to a wide open Thaddeus Moss all but sealing the Duck’s fate. 35 – 7

Fourth Quarter – Justin Herbert tried to make things better for his draft prospects but finished he day with two pick-sixes and two scored himself finishing with stats he’d probably like to forget. Joe burrow finally had an incompletion but did what he has been doing to defenses all season. The former Buckeye finished the day 15 of 18 for 234 yards and three scores. Final Score from the Bayou, Tigers 42 the Ducks 14.

OSU Women’s Basketball String Ting with Special Guest Madison Greene

Charles, Scott and Chris hang out with Ohio State women’s star point guard Madison Greene. Have a great conversation about the rivalry and how the season went. Charles, Scott and Chris express their feelings once again of how this team would have finished!

Came on strong halfway through the season and started 21 games at PG for the Buckeyes

From Played in all 33 games and started the final 21 at point guard; Averaged 7.7 points and 2.5 assists per game; Was fourth among Big Ten freshmen with 82 assists; Earned Big Ten Freshman of the Week honors on Feb. 17; Had three games of 20+ plus points including back-to-back efforts that led to her FOW honor; Led the team in free throws made and attempted (76-of-96); Scored 23 points on 8-of-10 shooting and carried the team to a win over rival Michigan on Jan. 9; Was 8-of-11 from the floor and 9-of-11 from the free throw line to finish with a season-high 25 points vs. Minnesota on Feb. 13. Also dished-out a season-high seven assists with no turnovers in the win; Followed that with a 22-point effort in the upset win at No. 20 Indiana on Feb. 16. She was 4-of-4 from the floor and 4-of-4 at the line for 14 points in the final eight minutes to help the Buckeyes erase a 10-point deficit; Had a solid Big Ten Tournament, averaging 10.3 points, 4.5 rebounds, 3.3 assists and shooting 13-of-14 from the free throw line in the four games.