MOTSAG Roundtable: Buckeye Football Expectations

When I migrated over to MOTSAG after TWSS with my buddy Scott, I brought some “baggage” with me. I have always liked roundtables and have enjoyed the interactions we have with the fans because of the answers our guys provide. Zack, Richard and I spin our thoughts on some simple questions you will get to answer on Twitter.

As it shall be . . ,

Sit back, “pop a top” and let us know what you think!

Who do you believe had the best offseason considering all of the COVID issues they had. Explain why this player exceeded your expectations.

Zack – It would easily be Justin Fields and not to beat a dead horse, but the kid is flat out impressive the way he handled everything, and he never wavered from Ohio State.  He also attempted to unify all the players, and he received almost 300 thousand signatures to show how much the fans and players wanted B1G 10 football and he didn’t have to do any of this he could’ve left and trained on his own for the draft but he never did because he loves this university so that was very impressive to me.

Richard – Justin Fields, hands down.  He became the face of the team and was a vocal leader in the quest to get the season back for us while working on his craft.  Overall, he’s improved and I feel something special is coming this season. 

Chris – I am with Richard, Justin Fields has gone all out in bringing B1G back to us fans. His leadership has grown by leaps and bounds and might be the difference between a los in the Fiesta Bowl last year and winning it all this year.

What defensive player is going to shock the world and why?

Zack – Zach Harrison – I honestly feel like last year he only scratched the surface of what he will be when his development is complete. It would not shock me if he had 10 sacks even in a shortened season, he is that talented.

Richard – Josh Proctor.  That hit on Jack Coan sold me on his potential and the expectation for the 2020 season.  Working behind Fuller, he learned alot and he will apply it this season.  I fully expect him to be the enforcer on a stingy defense.

Chris –  I am rolling with Tommy Togiai simply because it’s his time to shine. He will show people why he has been high on my list since day one!

What offensive player is going to shock the world and why?

Zack – Master Teague – the guy has put in the work to get back and he was very impressive in the time he was able to play last year

Richard – FroZone 6.  The combined talent of Smith-Njigba, Scott, Fleming and Cooper has a ton of potential and it adds needed depth to a position that gets developed and heads off to the pros.  Pick your poison.  Each is capable and with Olave and Wilson garnering the attention of opposing defenses, one or all of these players will shock the world with a highlight play in crunch time.

Chris –  I am going to roll with Paris Johnson on the OL, the true frosh is a beast and will work himself into the two deep quickly and push for playing time. He has a nastiness that most frosh don’t bring to the table.

What will be the average score during the season, and will it be because Coombs and Johnson are back together or because Ryan Day wants to hang a hundred on everybody?

Zack – With the offensive firepower we have I think 50 plus points per game is very attainable.

Richard – Fields, Sermon, Olave, Wilson and Ruckert are names you need to pay attention to.  Smith-Njigba, Cooper, Scott and Fleming are stars in the wings.  Anyone not mentioned, they are still potent offensive threats, at all skill positions.  I think an average of 52 points per game.

Chris –  As scary as the output of last years offense was 46.9 which was a new record breaking the one set in 2013. This group will leave having one that may be unbreakable and finish in the high 50’s. Sadly this season will forever have a COVID * beside it but it’s scary to think how many points they may score overall!

What is your prediction for the season and will there be games lost due to COVID?

Zack – If there is anything I have learned during this pandemic it is that this team is very close to one another and truly love each other so if there is any games lost to covid it wont be because we didn’t follow the protocols. Ohio State will be 9-0 when its all said and done this schedule is super favorable and we drew no top teams from cross conference.

Richard – The schedule pans out for the Buckeyes and I think an undefeated season lies ahead.  Penn State without the whiteout, at MSU, at Illinois and at Maryland is doable.  TTUN at home will be fun.  8-0 with a chance to make it to the big tourney.

Chris –  I rarely make predictions about the Buckeyes but I think this shortened season will be a walk. They have had the Clemson game on their minds for a very long time and look forward to exorcising those demons this season. I think the B1G will stay in their bubbles and finish the season without losing players or games to COVID. They had a great plan before all things were cancelled.


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