#MOTSAGRising #BuckeyesVNittanyLions: Studs & Duds

The Buckeyes began the Non-White-Out in UnHappy Valley looking like they were going to maul the Lions and ended up needing their offense to continue being studs! “The best thing about being 2-0″

Justin, Fields, Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson continued their onslaught of the record books while the secondary continued to find out what needed fixed!


Stud(s) – After being #TongaTrains duds a week ago against Nebraska the slobs along with Master Teague III as well as Trey Sermon asserted their will early and often and the perfect misdirection to start the game with Garrett Wilson set it all up. At one point in the broadcast, bot commentators expressed their feelings on just how good the Buckeyes O-line is and will be.

Stud(s) – Once again the three headed monster of Fields, Olave and Wilson reared it’s beautifully ugly head and showed America they may have three viable Heisman candidates. Olave and Wilson both had 100 yard receiving nights (120 and 11 respectively) and its the first time in the history of the storied program that has happened. Could it be they have 8 straight with what the schedule looks like? Justin fields has definitely cemented himself atop the Heisman board after two games.

Dud – No real dud this week, as much as the offense can improve they put together a pretty good night altogether and play calling was superb


Stud(s) – In our preseason roundtable I mentioned Tommy Togiai as being the one defensive player that would shock everyone. I am not shocked at the night he had in Happy Valley and the future will only get better. As much credit as Jonathon Cooper deserves for the game he had, Tommy benefitted from the attention the Buckeye DE’s were recieving.

Stud(s) – This LB core(and back to Tonga’s duds a week ago) played it’s best game in the last two years. Having Browning and Werner tag team the PSU TE Pat Freiermuth kept him out of the game. Leaves me to ask the question, where has tis kind of work against a TE been?

Dud(s) – As much as it pains me, and we knew it was going to experience some growing pains, but the secondary might have had it’s worst half of the young season. Specifically against their best receiver and it could mean a move for Shaun Wade as the season goes. Coombs will continue to help this young group improve but it needs Wades leadership to shine!


Stud – Ryan Day arrived awhile ago and sent a pretty clear message when he took over this offense. We will have the best QB play and there will not be a time the offense isn’t aggressive. With Urban Meyer still in the fold we did not see it all the time, but now that he is calling all of the shots? Well, you get what I am saying, he is as aggressive a coach on 4th and 1 as any that we have ever season. You do not know if you are getting a QB sneak under center or a wide open TE in the end zone that causes the entire secondary to shrug.

Dud(s) – I officiate HS football and basketball and nothing infuriates me more than inconsistent calls. I got a text from my best friend early on after the first penalty against the Buckeyes and it simply said, “oh no, not this crew!” I agreed with Gary and just sat back to watch the typical phantom calls they have against the Buckeyes. I needed to go back and look at it but they penalized the Buckeyes for 6 yards on a 5 yard penalty and the end of the half debacle will go down as a Halloween treat for ages.

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